Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life Is So Good

I worry about all kinds of things; work, money, family... I'm as stressed out as many other people. But I stretched out my commute this morning for the first time in ages and it had that excellent brain-tonic effect that I have always been so grateful to cycling for. The weather was perfect, kind of cool-warm-damp-but-not-raining perfect. The path and its surroundings looked beautiful despite half of the leaves being gone. I had other reasons to be in a good mood too... FARATS entries have started to show up!

Before I show you those, though, I want to show you the gift The King bestowed upon me (for my undying allegiance, I suppose) after I paid him a visit and took this photo:

The top 3/4 of The King's branches are now completely bare. Anyway, that sneaky King stuck a leaf on my shoe. Several kilometres away from him, I looked down to find he was still with me:

The King's mark remains stuck to my shoe even as I write this:

Just call me Captain Canada, or Mr. Maple! I have made no effort to keep the leaf on there, but I have been reasonably careful not to dislodge it. I wonder how long it will stay there? I will report diligently on this matter of grave importance, I promise.

Like I said I've got one (possibly two) FARATS entries to show you. The first is from Kokorosashi of
my beautiful machine:

The subject of his email to me was "FARATS entry -- woot!", and here's some info he provided about the tree:

Fall has finally ... finally ... arrived in Kentuckiana. Sadly, my best prospect lost most of its leaves in the course of one gusty night -- so here's my runner-up, from the campus of Indiana University Southeast, just over the river in New Albany, IN, where I go to school.
I believe that what this tree lacks in substance, it makes up in style, with its beautiful dark bark and flame-red leaves :D
Hope you're having a good Fall up there in Canada!

Woot indeed! Thanks, man.

The next picture was not considered an entry by its sender, by I'm thinking I may enter it anyway, because the photo is just so nice. I don't have a copy of the pic to post here, but it can be found by clicking this link. This one was courtesy of Keri from Commute Orlando, who said:

Well, I can't really submit an entry. Our deciduous trees go from green to brown to bare. Some of the maples get a hint of dark red. It's rarely enough to make the entire tree grand, but just for your enjoyment, here's a photo for you.And now I will enjoy autumn vicariously through you :-)

Keri, if you want to enter that picture, I will happily throw it in the mix... faced with very little tree to work with, you sent me something great, and I only stipulated that I didn't want bunches of trees. There's nothing preventing small parts of them from being considered. Think of the maple-y goodness on the line and let me know.

More, I want More!


PS - Having served its purpose, the leaf fell off my shoe at approximately 12:55 PM Eastern. I know because I have been staring at it non-stop ever since clicking the "Publish" button. I'm gonna go find some eye drops; you enjoy your afternoon.

PPS - Keri has indicated that she would be happy to enter her picture in the contest! Here it is!


Steve A said...

Our temperature may get all the way down to 10C later this week so I'll have my eyes peeled next week...

Rat Trap Press said...

I've been working some long hours and haven't done any riding. This weekend I will seek out the perfect tree.

GreenComotion said...

Can I submit photos from St. Louis, taken by me?

RANTWICK said...

Steve and RTP - Bring 'em on... I'm counting on you southern types to revive my contest.

Chandra - Any tree you shot yourself, this year, is totally cool.

Keri said...

Rantwick, if you feel my photo qualifies for entry, I'd be honored to enter it.

And thank you :-)

RANTWICK said...


Excellent. It's in.

GreenComotion said...

My picture is NOT from this year, but I took it in St. Louis, a few years ago. If it will work, I will be honored to submit it. So, please let me know!
Peace :)

Kokorozashi said...

Oh, wow! Just catching up (all this school-and-work stuff is really getting in the way of my Internet Responsibilities, I tell ya!) -- thanks for posting my tree and my message!

I think Keri's shot is gorgeous. It should definitely win the 'FARATS: Zen Inspiration Division' prize. Fortunately, one of the major principles in Zen is releasing attachment to material things (among other attachments), so an actual physical prize probably would be out of keeping with the spirit of the thing.

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