Monday, October 18, 2010

Good News! I'm Not Dead!

Wait a sec, good news for most, I should say. There are at least a few drivers out there who enjoy threatening to kill me. They might be OK with my death. I don't like going on and on about the rare jerk face (like the one I met this morning) who threatens me with his or her vehicle, so enough of that.

I'm really only writing this to apologize for my unexpected absence from this space... I am just plain slammed at work and at home right now and don't really know when I'll get back on my blogging horse. The frustrating part for me is that I have lots to write about for a change. Spectacular posts as of yet un-started include:

- prize for Smackdown located, purchased and just waiting to be won!
- another post about nihilism bridge and spray-painted messages
+ a bunch of other stuff I am forgetting

By the time I get to some of these there may be snow on the ground, while the pics and videos will be from Summer and Fall. Ah well, maybe that'll be nice.

Thanks as always for reading, especially in these times with nothing much going on. I'll get back at it soon I hope.
Yer Pal,


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back in the at the keyboard again. Especially (I know it's not a word. But who really cares), after having to fend off homicidal (cylo-cidal?) motorists.
"Let's be safe out there."

cafiend said...

Your audience awaits. Meanwhile, my quest for a worthy foliage challenger suffers this year because wind storms keep stripping the trees before they can reach a stunning peak.

Steve A said...

Rantwick who? Of COURSE we'll look forward to these posts in good time, along with many other ones that I'll try to avoid using the acronym "ROTFLMAO" on.

GreenComotion said...

Be safe and have lots of fun, Patrick!
Peace :)

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