Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Encounters with Rantwick, episode fourteen: Squirl, Interrupted

As some of you may recall, squirrels love me, at least compared to cars. Recently, however, I ran afoul of a squirrel who was enjoying a piece of cake. There was no "Hi, cutie pie" this time, as you shall see...

I hope no squirrel and dwarf attack squad has my number now. I am far too big a coward to face such a danger:

I would probably just pee my pants, fall to my knees and beg for my life. Thank God all of this is just in my head. It is, right? Tell me it is.

Whenever you can, let them eat cake.



Steve A said...

I've started to worry about squirrels jumping into my front wheel spokes and jamming against the fork. There seem to be a lot of flattened squirrels on local streets, too.

lifein360 said...

Squirrels? They are childs play. Come to Ottawa for a visit where on the paths you have to deek and sway to avoid 100 grazing geese who couldn't care less if you were on a bike or in a car.

Oldfool said...

As I write this I am sitting here watching a grey squirrel harvest the acorns from an oak tree. It's one of the survivers of the summer hawk attacks. It is aggressive and foul mouthed. I don't speak squirrel but I can tell what he means by the tone. The dogs pretend he's not there.
There should be a bumper crop of squirrels next year as a developer has totally destroyed the hawk's habitat.

RANTWICK said...

Steve - That's a really bad mental image. I sure hope they're too fast/"smart" for that.

360 - I can appreciate your Goose problem; I've also never been concerned that I was running over lots of squirrel poop.

Oldfool - perhaps only the brash survived the hawk... with the Hawk gone (sorry) the squirrel population may become more polite.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Bunnies are my nemesis. They flush out, run alongside in a panic, then dart in front. I have bunny-hopped bunnies. Since I live in an almost squirrel-free biome, I seldom face the bushy-tailed demons. Except in my nightmares. Which you have now fertilized.

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