Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ennis, Texas: Shame On You

Early reports seem to indicate that our man ChipSeal AKA Ennis the Menace has lost his first court case. It would seem that if you are slow, you lose. Wait a sec, you have to be on a bicycle. Then you lose. Otherwise you're good.

I wanted to write something clever and angry, but all I've got is a kind of sullen disappointment going on. Way to go, Ennis Texas. Lookin' good.

Hey ChipSeal: Chin Up, Man. We know you were in the right. Which is why this sucks.



Rod said...

It's not the first unlawful conviction in Texas. Land of the slow farm truck or tractor...but that's OK. Just don't be on one of those poor person bike cycles...duh...what a crock.
I was hoping global warming would increase the brain blood circulation in my fellow Texan's but I guess not.

Keri said...

"sullen disappointment"

Thank you. I was looking for a description of how I felt when I got the email.

Steve A said...

I'd have picked the word "hollow." But I think the theme is pretty compatible.

cafiend said...

Anyone surprised? People have been annoyed by two-wheelers since the days of the Draisine.

I do suggest getting a crapbox motor vehicle and driving just under the speed limit everywhere. But that's a waste of irreplaceable time.

RANTWICK said...

Cafiend - I'm not surprised that people are annoyed. I AM surprised that anybody could be charged with riding their bike on the road and that the charge would stick in court.

cafiend said...

Annoyance translates to prejudice. Laws are3 written vaguely enough that some alleged impediment of traffic flow becomes the elastic net that snares the human-propelled while letting the motorized go free.

Law ultimately comes down to interpretation.

[chellyst] <--- mmy wife is a chellyst (cellist!)

Rich Harris said...

Where did you find details of the judgement? I can't find anything on his blog. This is nuts!

RANTWICK said...

Richard - I knew Steve A and PM were going to be there, so I just kept a close eye on their blogs - the news ended up coming out in the comments on pre-trial posts.

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