Friday, February 26, 2010

A Bad Case of Crusty Eye

If you came here hoping to hear about or see gross pictures of a crusty human eye, you're pretty weird, man. It would seem that I titled this post like that just so I could insult you when you got here, so I guess I'm pretty weird too. Welcome! This post is really just about my camera, and promises to be very boring, so leave now if you can.

It is a small miracle that the handlebar-mounted camera that I use to get video of my rides continues to work. If there is actual precipitation going on I cover it with my custom waterproof shell:

Many winter days, however, it is out in the open, the better to see you with. Two days ago I took a look at the lens and was surprised how much dried salty stuff was on it. I should have taken a picture of it then, but I just cleaned it off. Upon inspecting my camera lens again this morning, I was once again surprised how dirty it was, especially since I had only taken one short ride to work since cleaning it last:

Dave, could you please remove the crud from my eye? Could you, Dave? I'm afraid I can't do that myself, Dave.

click image to see full size version

That salty crud just floats in the air around traffic when the streets are even a little wet, as they are much of the winter here in London Ontario. I wonder if salty crud road mist is good or bad for my lungs? You know, "salty crud road mist" kind of strikes me as a good band name or Interpretive Dance title or something... I'm going to work out some cool new age music and choreography as soon as I'm finished this post, I think, because as you know high art is what I'm really all about.

Well, I know that if you're reading this sentence that you either found the preceding content fascinating (in which case you are seriously understimulated) or are resenting me for wasting your time, in which case join the club because I resent myself even more. I mean, you only had to read it. I actually spent precious time thinking about and typing it. Hmph. See you later, I hope.

1-2-3, 1-2-3... and step, and turn... cue the Crusty Squirrel King! Yes, yesss...



Big Oak said...

"What are you doing, Dave? I wouldn't do that if I were you, Dave."

I'll bet Stanley Kubrick would find this post interesting.

Keri said...

You crack me up. A good chuckle is never a waste of time ;-)

jeff said...

2010 Space Oddity?

Steve A said...

So, just stop spitting on the camera, eh?

Anonymous said...

So, what are you using on your chain to keep it happy?

Tracy W said...

Yeah Boy! If it gets your camera lense that bad, think of all the crevices in your bike that it's also hiding!

I've cleaned mine three times since our round of snow, and I still keep finding it in cracks and crevices.

cafiend said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of airborne particulates.

I was afraid you had an eye infection, perhaps from road crud.

Compressed air is good for cleaning the intricate structure of the bike, BTW. Aim judiciously.

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