Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Canada's Pride or Shame?

I'll bet you thought this post would be about the Olympics or Celine Dion or Howie Mandel or something. Despite the fact that Mrs. Rantwick and I are rabid Olympic watchers who despise all music and/or comedy, that is not the case.

You know those familiar radio jingles used to adverstise this or that business? In Canada there is a nation-wide chain of stores called Fabricland. I must admit that I don't know if the jingle is the same out west, but I'm guessing that it is.

Click the link below to hear this outrageous piece of marketing artistry. There is a period of elevator-type music meant for radio commercial voice-overs, but then they hit you with it, like, WHAM!

I don't know if other Canadians share the same malady, but any time a trip to the fabric store comes up, Mrs. Rantwick, myself, one of our two kids or even all four of us may burst into this bizarre 6 syllable song. It's over before we even realize we did it. And we do do it, almost without exception. It's sick. How do you resist something you don't know is coming and is over before you can stop? It is stuck in our heads largely because it is so lame, yet we repeat it in all its lameness almost against our will. It is maddening.

I resent this jingle for wielding this strange power over me and my family. I must ask my fellow Canadians: are we just freaks, alone in our illness, or does it happen to you too? Answer me! I must know!

Yer-er Pal, Yer-er Pal!



Big Oak said...

Here in the American Midwest, we are afflicted with a similar malady. "You save big money, you save big money when you shop Menards". Anyone familiar with that theme will now be singing that in their brain for the rest of the day. Oh great, what have I done, make it stop. Make it stop!!!

Anonymous said...

"rabid Olympic watchers who despise all music and/or comedy,"

Despise all music?
Despise all comedy?
Do you mean despising all music and comedy in Olympic advertising?
Or all music and comedy in advertising?
Or all music and all comedy in general?
But you're a musican! Who works comedy into your live music act! (I cite the recent blog example of 'Movember' bringing much jocularity)
Please expand!
Confused in Canada

Rollz said...


Steve A said...

Sounds pretty mainstream compared to Tim Horton's! Of course, this from someone living in the land of Waffle House.

'Xander Labayen said...

i am so using that as my ringtone!

RANTWICK said...

Big Oak - only you can make it stop.

Anon - that was a fecetious remark meant only to refer to celine and howie.

Rollz - Damn. Thought so.

Steve - Tim Horton's jingle is an epic novel compared that, it's got 6 words compared to Fabricland's 1!

xander - Fill yer boots, I guess. That would drive me mad.

Afflicted said...

I'm putting it on repeat in iTunes.

RANTWICK said...

Afflicted - even thinking about that makes me nervous.

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