Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trauma - A Dude Licked My Mo

At the Dog's Breakfast show I was promoting a few days ago, the other Dog in the act started suggesting to our audience that people could touch my Mo for a 50 cent donation. That was fine with me, and some nice ladies did exactly that after they got few drinks in. It was funny and fun.

Then a good friend of mine showed up at the stage with a $5 Monation. He just handed over the money and was leaving the stage when the other Dog reminded him that he may touch my Mo. He came back up. I closed my eyes, expecting some sort of mild violence like a slap or a tug on the Mo. Instead, said friend proceeded to LICK my Mo. It got a big reaction from the crowd, let me tell you, and I was left speechless and unable to anything but stagger back in horror. That was one expensive $5 Monation. Pity me, and if you could find it in your heart to translate that pity into a nice clean, dry Internet Monation, I would be very grateful. Click Here to do that.

I had nearly overcome the trauma of the event, but writing about it has brought it all back. I've got to go wash my face now. See you again soon.

Yer Pal,



Anonymous said...

Hmm. I find myself wondering "how" someone would lick a Mo. *glancing upwards in ponder* I of all people should really know.

Rollz said...

I can't believe you write of this.

Anonymous said...

Having read that post and attended that event, it should be very clear that Rantwick is omitting three VERY important facts from this story (and I think he did so in order to solicit this reaction from someone like me)

1) The same person (your co-guitarist) who reminded the man who approached the stage with the donation is also the same one who shouted out "LICK HIM!!".

2) Right after he shouted that out, the rest of the people in the bar shouted it out as well, creating an almost mob-like atmosphere.

3) Mr Rantwick was well aware of this, and did not turn away as I... I mean that guy approached. As a matter of fact, he OFFERED HIS FACE FOR SAID LICKING!!

p.s. Your mom laughed; it was worth the disgusting taste!

yer friend,

Anonymous said...

...and if there's any doubt, I am hoping you to post up the video of the offending lick that I know you taped!

P.S. again. Great show by the way - you guys sounded groovy!!

RANTWICK said...

The memory is a funny thing. I have only seen the footage in miniturized cam-screen view so far.

I don't recall the other Dog yelling "Lick Him!" or the crowd joining in.

I did offer up my face, but I swear I didn't think it would be for a licking.

In any case, when the video is available to me in a digital format, I may well post it. I wasn't going to, because I thought I should protect your identity, not wanting people to think you were a wacko. I'll be reviewing it again tonight, and if I appear to be as complicit in this disgusting display as you claim, well, I think we've spent enough time on this subject.

RANTWICK said...

Rollz - One effect of sporting a big new Mo is that you self-confidence improves. I am secure in the knowledge that I may disturb others or bring judgement upon myself, and I am OK with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey - if it's presented in context, especially with the announcement beforehand, post away!!!

Chris Luty (who is only anonymous because he can't be bothered with an account!)

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