Monday, November 30, 2009

Mrs. Rantwick calls Me, A Panting Freak

I was looking at and listening to some video I had taken from the bike a few days ago, using one of the two laptops that dwell in our living room, when Mrs. Rantwick looked over at me in alarm. She had an unusual look as she asked, "WHAT are you watching?" I returned her alarmed, somewhat accusatory gaze with my customary blank, clueless one.

A few seconds passed before I managed to figure out what was up. Here's a sample of what she was hearing:

So, with Mrs. Rantwick feeling some concern and with the panting still coming from the speakers, I happily said "that's me ... hang on, we'll hear you in just a few more seconds..." That got Mrs. Rantwick out of her chair in a hurry. Here's what she joined me in watching:

That was Meadowlily Road, one of the few real hills to be found in East London. Those of you who live in mountainous regions would scoff at it as a "climb", but as you could hear, it was enough to work me pretty darn hard even in the lowest of Mutant Winter's eight gears.

See? I Would Never Use The Internet for Anything Interesting.



Big Oak said...

You're pretty clever, though. Made me look too.

ChipSeal said...

"I returned her alarmed, somewhat accusatory gaze with my customary blank, clueless one."

What guy cannot identify with that?

I know you may not believe me that the verification program is back, so you may want to ask around about it.


cafiend said...

And who in this cell phone age has not had the phone ring in the middle of a climb or traffic criterium?


RANTWICK said...

Big Oak - thanks man.

chipseal - Yeah, I thought that might resonate with some people.

Sadly, I have indeed turned word verification back on, because I've been getting a lot more spam comments lately. Too bad... I liked having it turned off.

Cafiend - Traffic criterium! Nice.

[I don't get to do this as the blog owner]

Anonymous said...

Probably the wrong place to comment on a bike commuting blog, but can you drive a car over the Meadowlilly Bridge or is it just a bike/pedestrian crossing?
chris (not that Chris, the other Chris)

RANTWICK said...

The other chris - pedestrians only right now. The City is planning some sort of assessment of the bridge because it will need work in the near future, regardless, and they are thinking about cars in the face of much opposition because it is a quiet, natural area.

Rollz said...

My kid wondered what I was watching and came running over...Sorry but I think he was disappointed. I love that hill in both directions.

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