Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Transit Strike Spawns Wild Ninja Salmon!

There is currently a transit strike underway here in London Ontario. As a result, many people are having to find alternate ways of getting around. You see a lot more people walking and cycling, and oh, the cycling you'll see!

What happens when people who don't normally ride their bikes past Labour Day or anywhere except the bike path or around the block on the sidewalk get them out of their sheds and garages in November to go to work or school? You get a ton of sidewalk salmon, street salmon and every other variety of dangerous cycling going on. And with the sun setting just after 5 pm this time of year, a great many become completely unlit and largely un-reflectorized accidents-in-waiting during the PM rush. I almost hit a couple of them myself on my way home from work on my own bicycle as they darted across my path from between parked cars and launched themselves off of sidewalks and into traffic.

I was taking video as I rode home, hoping to put together a montage of danger and idiocy. Sadly, the low light made pretty much all of the video unusable. I have seen very few extra cyclists in the morning on my way in when the light is better, which seems a little odd. Perhaps I will have better luck soon.

I was young once and have been stupid lots of times, but the reckless abandon with which some people are riding takes my breath away. It's like they think they are invincible or immortal or both. It is great to see so many people cycling; I suppose they aren't all insane... Perhaps some new people will join me in staying on the road as things get colder and more slippery. I just hope they are the types who are likely to do so without getting squished.

Let's All Get Lit! That should help!



Steve A said...

Amazing, isn't it, that there's not an overwhelming carnage on the streets. Still, you'll probably find a newfound respect for my own Veterans Day post...

cafiend said...

Cycling on the University of Florida campus in the late 1970s was like a trip to Beijing. The city outside was a different story, but a lot of cycling did slop over the boundaries of the campus. It was largely orderly for some reason. But time has brought new images of the cyclist, as well as more than one generation of young people who did not use their bikes for transportation. Through BMX, freestyle, mountain biking and media portrayals of flamboyant riding (professional rider, closed course) we have a glorification of everything but the vehicular model.

Rollz said...

I am not working this week and wondered how the extra bicycle traffic would affect things. I look forward with some reservation to next week if the strike continues.

P.S. how did you mount your tub on winter? Can you remove it easily?

RANTWICK said...

I drilled some holes in the bottom of the tub and zip tied it to the rack pretty securely. Inside, I used some silicone caulk to seal the holes I had made and covered that up with some duct tape so the caulking wouldn't get damaged.

This particular rack has a nice feature that allows you to slide the rack platform right off of the post, so when I want to ditch the tub I just do that.

Anonymous said...

Dude! You're funny!

Thanks for your blog! I enjoy reading it!

RANTWICK said...

Anon - thanks very much!

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