Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toronto Cyclist Killed in Altercation

Wow, this one is going to get some serious attention, since the driver may have been a figure of note. See article here. As usual, my advice is to beware the comments section of this article. Just don't engage. The people who put up the craziest and most stupid comments are not worth your time. Please remember that crazy stuff like this is the exception, not the rule. You are as safe or more safe on a bike than you are in a car.

Let's also remember that if every fatality suffered in cars was reported in the news, there would be no time for any other kind of news, and we would all be scared witless of driving.

Pet Peeve: Is there ever an incident in which somebody doesn't automatically call for more bike lanes? There are almost no details available on the incident at this time, but the bike lane mantra can't wait on some silly old facts, it would seem.

Keep it alert yet calm, and nobody gets hurt.



Steve A said...

Gosh, now he's got me back to the other choice with that car vs bike safety thing.

How come nobody ever makes the obvious suggestion in those comments? Whazzat? Driver testing and continuing education. Same for other road users (incl nonmotorized ones).

Doohickie said...

Wow, that's just terrible.

RANTWICK said...

Yes, this kind of incident, in all its ugliness, just plain defies any normal arguments about cycling safety or infrastructure, education, whatever. It's just so far beyond...

The driver has been charged with "criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death".

Rollz said...

The most ironic part is when this guy was the attorney general he passed a bill where police could take cars that were street racing. He said these cars are more dangerous than explosives.

CarFree Stupidity said...

Your right about the attention, I already have apost ready to go for tomorrow on it and another incident.

Seems that politicians are fucking up a lot of cyclists lately. Check out the video of a Wisconsin politician hitting a cyclist:


RANTWICK said...

Rollz - yep. He obviously wasn't thinking talking points... it just doesn't compute.

CFS - That one is a nightmare, the kind of thing no one could defend against.

cafiend said...

Maybe our lives are just governed by random winds of the cosmos or the mysterious plans of an omniscient, all powerful being. In either case, if you're scheduled to be ground into burger by a negligent or enraged motorist, it's gonna happen. Educate, don't educate. Does it help? When killing cyclists is outlawed, only outlaws will kill cyclists. I'll give up my car when they pry my cold, dead fingers off it. Feel free to scrape off the cold, dead remains of the people I've run down. And wax and detail 'er while you're at it.

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