Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog Post Minimus

That post that went up yesterday about sunglasses was supposed to go up today... I published it by accident, and didn't want to remove it after doing so. As a result I have very little to say today, except that:

1 - I am so frustrated that I could cry. Some unbelievable things occurred while riding home on the bike path on Tuesday after work, and I didn't get any video. I'm planning a full post on it Friday, so that's all for now. You will not believe it, and that is the problem.

2 - Today is the last day to enter the CAPTCHA contest if you have not yet done so. Follow the preceding link for details.

3 - Here's a picture, posted as an attempt to atone for today's lack of content.

pic source:

Thanks for stopping by! Yer Pal,


ChipSeal said...

I don't see how a picture of the three girls has anything to do with cycling. What's up with that?


ChipSeal said...

Having gone back and carefully examining the the above referenced photo, I eventually noticed (To my amazement!) that there is a cyclist in the background in the midst of a spectacular crash!

Please ignore my previous comment.


Keri said...

ah ya big tease! I'm heading on a bike tour Thursday, no computer for a week.


RANTWICK said...

Sorry Keri, gotta pace myself. This blogging stuff is an endurance sport.

Happy touring! Hopefully there will be something worth catching up on when you return.

Steve A said...

Interesting how ChipSeal and I look at the same picture differently. My own initial reaction was "it's nice to still see bikes with toe clips."

RANTWICK said...

Steve A - You are both miracles of perspective, I'll say that.

cafiend said...

I see a guy willing to do anything to impress women.

RANTWICK said...

Now THERE's some perspective. Leave it to Cafiend.

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