Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hot Cyclist Pic

Sorry, as you can see the post title was a trick. I just want more people to vote for the CAPTCHA contest.

The CAPTCHA contest poll was overshadowed somewhat by the post on the Ottawa cyclists, and although my stats show plenty of visits, few seem to be voting on a favourite CAPTCHA.

Remember, $5 of cold hard Canadian Tire money hangs in the balance, so if you haven't already done so, go vote now!

Thanks for putting up with me and my deceitful nature,



ChipSeal said...

What are you sticking in your eye?

Or maybe you are licking your finger and slicking back your eyelashes?

I like picture, Rantwick. It is the one I will always remember you by!

CarFree Stupidity said...

Rantwick, I didn't know you had such lovely flowing hair! Whats your secret?

RANTWICK said...

CS - It's a wig, but thanks anyway.

Steve A said...

Perhaps more would vote if the items were in "reverse alphabetical" order instead of the tired old alphabetical "trying to appear impartial" approach.

You might also attract more votes if you noted whether shipping of the prize was included in the $5 of Canadian Tire (I still like "Tyre") money, or if it must be picked up in person - on a bike. Considering that some would have to ride well over 1000 miles to claim the $5, that might be a "make/break" consideration.

I, for example, would LOVE to hear ChipSeal relate his adventures, as he rides north to pick up his $5 prize. It CERTAINLY could affect MY vote. I'll bet it would also influence others who pine for a post that includes a photo of Rantwick handing over the goods to the lucky winner - IN PERSON!

RANTWICK said...

Steve - I'm afraid that in this case I will callously disregard what you would LOVE.

I will however, answer the shipping question. I will be happy to cover the costs of mailing the winner the several slips of paper CT money involved.

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