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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fun and Stupid

You know how when you were young you did things that were really fun that in hindsight were really stupid and kind of dangerous? It would seem I've still got the knack at 43.

I am a father of two and a husband of one. Even if the odds of something bad happening were slim, I'm too old to take such silly risks. And even if there wasn't much risk, what the hell kind of example was that? If my kids went anywhere near that river in that condition I would have flipped out on them. I have no good excuse. I got carried away with the fun and challenge of it all.

Next time I see some idiot on the news who ended up in a jam (or worse) because they didn't seem to have any common sense, I will think back to this and cut them a little slack. Meantime, I'm not gonna be foolish like that again. Some other way, I bet, but not like that.

Yer Pal,


John said...

Fortunate for you that you didn't hit any submerged objects that would have catapulted you over the bars, but it would've made for good video from a third person perspective. Ride safe.=)

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I was gonna say if you were riding a recumbent you might have kept your feet dry but by the end you were well into bum-wetting territory.

Graham said...

Woohoo! At first I thought there's no way this poser does Water like WaterlooBikes, but I stand corrected.

Next time you need to be towing one of these!

Then I started fearing for you life, but realized the footage made it home and was edited so it must have had a happy ending!

If people stopped pushing the limits, we'd still be living in Europe.


Graham said...

Hey permission to repost on WaterlooBikes? .. but with my own commentary of course :)

RANTWICK said...

Graham - Your flood looks way funnerer than my flood! Of course you can re-post and comment away.

RANTWICK said...

RCT - I would have needed a a nice long snorkel on a 'bent!

Steve A said...

I DO hope you took a different route home. BTW, how did the moisture wicking tights, socks, and boots fare before the next trip?

Pondero said...

In Texas, we sometimes say, "Turn around, don't drown!". It didn't look like the water was moving too fast, but hard to predict what you can't see. I'll let you be the judge of whether that applies in this situation.

RANTWICK said...

Steve - That WAS the home, thankfully. Me and my clothes went straight in for a wash.

Pondero - The water I was in wasn't moving at all that I could feel, but the rule is to stay clear. If I had ended getting tugged at, that would have been scary.

drummergeek said...

Jeez man! My eyes got pretty big when I saw the water at the level of the top of your tire!

Holy crap. Glad you are safe.

Thanks for posting that - it was great to hear the in video commentary and grunts and effort sounds. I was laughing in astonishment if that makes sense.

RANTWICK said...

drummergeek - makes perfect sense, so was I!

babble on said...

Holy fuck! Cycling through a river in Canada in February. Madness.

If I were your wife, I would have ensured you endured a meaningful spanking as soon as you dried off. I might even have brought out the ol'riding crop for that little bit of bravado.

It looked like you were considering the low road at the end there, and if you had taken it, then I'd have for sure brought out the bull whip.

Just sayin'...

RANTWICK said...

Babble - She did cuff me one and called me a stupid ass while we watched the video. I was already pretty sheepish, so she took it fairly easy on me.

babble on said...

Fair enough.

Silly billy.

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