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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Bump in the Road

I have been trying to lose some weight, having gained quite a lot over the last 10 years or so. I'm not really into specific diets, but I have been eating more healthy food and carefully logging what I eat along with my exercise on, looking to run at a caloric deficit most days.
I have been successful in losing a few pounds over the last few weeks. My progress is slow, but that is OK since I'm trying to learn new habits that will serve me over time rather than achieve some quick weight loss that won't last.
Lots of people have tried myfitnesspal at one time or another, so I'm guessing this food diary screen may be familiar to few of you:
The Rantwick clan has a serious problem. The other three members in it don't really care for apple pie. They are insane. Anyway, there were apple pies ON SALE just when I had a yen for some yesterday.
That's what was censored from the list above:

Hey, at least I didn't consume the whole pie. Only 75% of it. Nobody else wanted any, damn them! Plus I diligently logged it. Then I confessed here. Perhaps it is not the other members of the Rantwick clan who are insane. Perhaps.
Yer Pal,