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Monday, February 1, 2010

What's Your Poison?

I have some ideas for blog posts that will take some time to create/compose, but life did not permit me to work on them in time for today. As you may know, I almost always post something on Mondays, even when I've got nothing.

More and more of these Monday posts seem to be about nothing lately, and I apologize. Perhaps I will re-find my blogging stride soon; I sure hope so.

Anyway, while hanging around my house late last night wondering what kind of nothing I would write about for this Monday, I paid a visit to the fridge. Therein lay both my inspiration and my shame, because my eyes seized upon my greatest nemesis when it comes to bizarre/sickening food consumption: maraschino cherries.

image source

I had one and put them back. A few minutes later I swung by again and had three or four more. About ten minutes later I returned and ate the rest. I polished off a 2/3 full jar of maraschino cherries and then drank the sweet syrupy juice that was left in the jar.

I have a sweet tooth, but no other type of food makes me do anything this freakish. Thankfully, it is not a normal thing for the Rantwick household to stock my strange personal poison. Please feel free to go ahead and judge me for my disgusting behaviour. It is, after all, pretty gross. While you're busy wagging a mental finger at me, however, I would be curious to know if any of you have any strange and hard to resist nemesis foods, foods that cause you to deviate from what I am sure are your otherwise completely normal and non-freakish consumption patterns.

I'm almost afraid to ask, but what's the strangest thing you ever pigged out on?

Yer Pal,


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Thought I Had a Bad Diet

I am guilty of eating pretty poorly a lot of the time. I buy food out of vending machines at work, and I don't get enough fruit and veggies. However, no matter how bad you are, there is always somebody worse (unless you are Satan, I suppose). Most of us are familiar with some of the ultra-junky food that can be found at a fair or carnival, but I was taken aback by what I saw at the Western Fair (London Ontario's big one) last weekend. My wife is the one who spotted it and said I should take a picture, so you have her to thank for this:

Mmmmmm! Doesn't that look awesome? Don't you just want a plate RIGHT NOW? Well too bad, this kind of goodness is fair-specific. Just hope and pray that the eaters of this delicacy don't join you on some wild ride soon after enjoying it!

Yer Pal,

PS - Although I am fond of "photoshopping" things, I did not modify that picture in any way other than cropping the sides. Truth, as is often the case, is grosser than fiction.