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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Roman Mica Update

UPDATE: When challenged over his sidewalk riding behaviour in the comments section for that video, Roman Mica wrote the following:

romanmica // Sep 1, 2009

Sorry you guys are correct. Riding a bike on the road in traffic is much safer because car is slim 4000 pounds of metal and a bike is a massive 20 pounds of carbon I do have a helmet and as much lycra as I can wear to protect me from all the drivers who are texting, talking, eating, drinking, reading, putting on make-up, drunk driving or just not paying attention.

I mean you never hear about a fatal car vs. bike accidents, but the news is full deadly bike vs. granny with poodle collisions. Sorry, what was I ever thinking!

Roman Mica is also a Tri guy. You know how sometimes it feels like other cyclists are giving you a bad name? I wonder how most triathletes feel about this dude?

Don't Despair, I'm doing it for you.