Monday, September 29, 2014

Delayed Reaction

Hi all! About 3 weeks ago my favourite bike, "Summer", was stolen off my front porch. It was chained and padlocked, as pictured below. The padlock had been downgraded for some forgotten reason. Bolt cutters did the trick for whoever took it.

At the time I felt absolutely gutted. I built that bike up from the bare frame. I loved that bike about as much as one could love a material thing. The good news for me is, it would seem that isn't all that much because I'm pretty well over it now.

fixed gear goodness

I've quickly moved from feelings of rage for whoever took it to feelings of pity. I mean, if stealing bikes is where you're at, odds are your life kind of sucks. My life doesn't suck. It is filled with good things and loving people, so much so that the worst thing to happen to me in a long while was the loss of a bicycle. Bicycles are just things and things don't have feelings and are quite easily replaced.

Insurance paid out $1000, much less than the full value, but after deductible, blah blah blah, that's what I got. I have replaced Summer with a bike that is quite different from it, a real all-rounder that should serve me well in both winter and summer. I did not build this one. We are still getting acquainted, but I will probably post some sort of review in the next while. I will say that I think I got a hell of a lot of bike for the money. I'm trying to get away from the "n+1" bike mentality. Our shed and Mrs. Rantwick will be pleased.

Goodbye, Summer! You were a great bike. Thankfully, many bikes are, one way or another.

Yer Pal,


Pondero said...

Wise words, my friend.

When I read stories like this one, I remember that "gutted" feeling when my Centurion was stolen from my garage almost 30 years ago when I stepped inside for a few minutes. I went running down the street in rage, looking for someone on my bike. Even so, I've found ways to enjoy other great bikes ever since.

cafiend said...

You are a fine human being. Bike thieves truly are a miserable form of life. I would have trouble letting go if someone stole one of my bikes. Each one has a use and many stories attached to it. Whoever stole such a thing would never appreciate the value they had commandeered and the loss they had caused. That is the most infuriating thing, the demonstration of utter insensitivity. Also, theft is right up there next to traffic as a deterrent to routine cycling for a lot of people. Let's just make the climate MORE discouraging, shall we? Thieves. GRRRRRRRRRRR!

RANTWICK said...

Easy now. Take your rage and pack it into a ball. Then throw your rage ball into my Rantwick face. Aim for the squinty eye. That's why it is squinting in the first place. It is ready.

Steve A said...

Hmm, stolen, squinty eye, "Summer," and sad recollection all start with "S." As does sympathy. Takes all the snarky comments right out of me.

TrevorW�� said...

I admire your philosophy....non attachment is a good view to have.

RANTWICK said...

Thanks guys.

GreenComotion said...

I missed this post somehow.
FWIW, I am sorry about the loss of your bike.

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