Monday, September 22, 2014

100 Good Mornings

I've been kind of stuck on the topic of the individual human element of cycling as opposed to the planning or traffic or advocacy angles for some time now, as evidenced by most of my more recent posts, as sparse as they have been.

I have not become unstuck, it would seem. There are few human interactions as commonplace and universal as saying good morning. I've been collecting bicycle good mornings for a long time... I think I started a couple of years ago. For me, THIS is a big part of what is so great about riding a bike:

It took me many hours to trim and string all those clips together and do the counter and all that stuff. I suppose I could have made things much easier for myself by doing a nice bunch of the best ones instead of 100, but once that notion was in my head anything else just seemed like an unacceptable compromise. I hope you enjoyed it... I still enjoy watching it even after working with it for so long, so if you didn't, that's OK too. Birdsong and repeated pleasantness isn't for everyone. Have a great week and I'll try to write something caustic or at least snarky in the next little while.

Yer Pal,


cafiend said...

WHAT was that lens crud on number 82?

Nice video. There's plenty of snark and causticity elsewhere.

RANTWICK said...

Not sure how really, but there was some fog/condensation inside the gopro housing thing.

babble on said...

OMG nooooo! Don't change one whit.

John said...

Your "Good mornings" beat them to the punch so more often than not. Any thoughts on that? And some advice on coffee would be welcomed to improve the rest of our averages. lol Keep on...=) Glad to see you posting again.

RANTWICK said...

Babble - OK. Thanks!

John - I have always been a "good morning" guy, so I guess I'm kind of used to saying it first. That said, I do think it is less common than it used to be. Last but not least, remember I'm dressed in cycling wear, mirrored sport sunglasses, etc. Maybe not full racing kit, but close. In my experience, guys who look like me don't usually answer, let alone say it first! Too cool, or serious, or whatever. If I was tootling along on a townie wearing a sun hat, maybe more people would say it first!

Steve A said...

Good Morning seems much nicer than those infernal bike bells, or even Kermit. I presume you say something else on the way HOME from work.

RANTWICK said...

Steve - I rarely say anything on the way home! Maybe my work day has beaten all the niceness out of me by then, I don't know. On the way home I'm much more likely to just smile or nod.

@mauclare said...

Love it!

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