Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SO CLOSE to open bike paths - Can't Wait.

Note: Fooling people is against my new found Spirit Guide's* teachings, so here's a straight-ahead normal post despite the date.

I am aching to get off the dirty crowded pot-holed streets of London Ontario and get onto the dirty uncrowded more peaceful MUPs that run along the Thames river.
I did a test run through a short section yesterday. SO CLOSE. Urgh. If I had fat tires, I might have even tried to stick it out. On my current winter bike, however, it was just a little too much hassle to do for longer than necessary:
Some say the City should plow the MUPs in winter. I go back and forth on that one. Right now I say the stupid Sun should finish its work on the paths and let me use 'em. Get crackin', ya damn life-giving local Star! I mean, I'm waiting here! Jeez! 

Yer Pal,

* I don't have a new found (or any) spirit guide! Fooled ya, suckas! Hah!


rlove2bike said...

It is going to be a long time before we see ground here in northern WI. As for the paths...PLOW them!!

cafiend said...

The snow was deep here and the roads are in terrible shape. I got no preparatory rides, only a little skiing and no roller riding so far to prepare for a commuting season already starting late because of snow and ice encroaching on already dicey sections of the route.

Actually, in the last couple of days the edges may have sizzled back far enough to reveal an acceptable buffer zone in the trouble areas. I still feel like a stranger to my bike. Since I have a night meeting I will drive today. I can inspect the route.

I use a path for part of my favorite combinations in- and outbound. It's not paved, so I could use it when packed and icy, with studded tires, but avoid it when it's a tire-sucking quagmire. With all the snow around it the ground will remain mucky for weeks. I have alternatives. They're just longer and provide no respite from spontaneous expressions of motorist opinion.

RANTWICK said...

Sounds like my US friends in the Northern latitudes have it worse than me. I'll stop whining I think. I rode more path this morning. Like Cafiend says, better frozen solid than melting and mucky... I rode iver quite a bit of hard bumpy ice.

RoadQueen said...

I'm right there with you, Rantwick! Here in NE Ohio we actually reached 71 DEGREES YESTERDAY!!!!!!! Projected high was 55. Now THAT'S what I'M talkin' about! Of course, today, tomorrow and Friday are going to have torrential rains, but that should take care of the rest of the snow, right? And....if it snows again...? So help me, I'm moving to the equator.

anniebikes said...

Spring is definitely here now - yay! But our waterfront path, like yours, will take another 2-3 weeks to fully clear of snow. I can't wait until that happens. I crave riding along with a water view, and without traffic.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

2nd day of bike-cycle commuting this week. Light jacket only today -So nice. Soon my friend, soon.

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