Thursday, October 18, 2012

Woo hoo! I Can't Win TARATS!

I really can't win TARATS now, because I gots me a entry from another person, one who like, is not me.
The first real entry for this year's whacked out foliage competition comes from Skyers, a local reader from right here in London Ontario. This is the first time he has entered, which is awesome, because new blood is new and everyone knows that new is always better. Skyers noticed that my rules did not exclude multiple entries and he plans to submit more trees. Bring it, I say. The more trees the foliagy-er, as the popular saying goes. He must really crave the validation of a second-hand rantwick-modified trophy, or maybe he just likes breadcrumbs a lot, like everybody does!
Here's his (first) awesome tree, which he tells me is located behind Fanshawe College somewhere:

Thanks, Skyers!


anniebikes said...

Woah, spectacular. I'm impressed that someone can get good foliage photos with a blue sky. Mine always turn out with the sky blown out. Must be my cheapo camera.

Multiple entries, eh? Now that's my kind of contest...

RANTWICK said...

The trick is to have afternoon or late day sun blasting your tree. I think.

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