Monday, October 29, 2012

The Squeaky Rantwick Gets the Trees!

What can I say? I whined and complained and a whole bunch of TARATS entries came in over the weekend and this morning!
I was gonna post about them one at a time, but that seems a little too work-like. So, visit the entries page available on the sidebar >>> to see the 8 new arrivals in the contest!
Here is some of the stuff that was in the accompanying emails:
Eat your heart out Mr. Rantwick. Here are my FIVE, count'em, FIVE entries. If you can't handle FIVE knock-down gorgeous photos of spectacular Vermont trees, then you get to decide which ones to enter in your silly contest. May the best VERMONT TREE win!

Oh, I can handle it, anniebikes, no worries. You just keep talking that Vermont smack.
This contest does not discriminate based on colour, creed or even species... here's email from Leroy's Dog:
Trees. Prospect Park. Brooklyn. Before the hurricane.
It's not easy taking pictures when you don't have an opposable thumb.
I was not surprised that a dog used fairly few words, but I was surprised he knew the word "opposable". Impressive.
Last but not least Recumbent Conspiracy Theorist is staying in the hunt (and seasonally apt) for sure with his Cemetery Tree.
Hey hey rantwick!

Here's another for the slide show. Not sure of the species of this one. Some kind of nut tree think.
Here's a hint for leaf snoopers as to where to look for nice single trees; your local cemetery. I rode my bicycle to a cemetery here in town and saw this nice one. Didn't see any spooky ghosts though.


One of anniebikes' trees was from a cemetery too... I wonder if those trees are, ahem, better fertilized? Was that too much? If so, sorry. For myself, I'm thinking I could (and well may) do a lot worse than feeding a tree after I kick off...

Better Go,

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