Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cycling on a Roundabout - Part Deux

I recently posted something on how to cycle a roundabout. I took a longer route home from work today because the weather had turned very nice and I had the time. Heading southbound on Hale into the roundabout, I noticed signs that I had not noticed when eastbound on Trafalgar (although upon reviewing the video I saw that they were there too):

I think these signs are supposed to indicate that pedestrians will be on the sidewalk and at crossings, cars and bikes will be on the road and to watch out for all. Visuals being what they are, however, I think they also could easily suggest that bikes should be to the right of cars, which isn't quite what City planners were after, as you shall see.

The City of London posted good information on how to drive a roundabout when this one was introduced, including what I consider perfect advice for cyclists that matches my own except for my personal encouragement to ride in the lane rather than walk even if it makes you nervous. They suggest that experienced cyclists may choose to ride in the lane. Cyclists:

Hairsplitting aside, we are singing from the same song sheet.

They also mention some signage, but not the stuff pictured above.

I (in true lazy Rantwick fashion) had neglected to come through on my idea to suggest sharrows in the roundabout, but now I'm gonna direct some city folks to both of my roundabout posts in the hopes of achieving a little more clarity.

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Alexwarrior said...

D'oh, that doesn't seem like the correct share the road sign. At the two lane roundabout I use in vancouver, it looks like that one, except the bike is shown directly in front of the car. Maybe you guys can come get some of our signs?

RANTWICK said...

I'm proud to say I actually emailed a bunch of city planners and engineers immediately after posting. I think they'll totally get it.

Steve A said...

Remember, if you are in FRONT of the car, it is tough for it to back over you.

RANTWICK said...

Steve - SHHHH! I'm tyring to look all normal and respectable for the City planner people!

Yokota Fritz said...

Boulder, Colorado has "DO NOT PASS BIKES THROUGH CIRCLE" sign for their roundabouts.

Santa Cruz uses BMUFL sign

When that roundabout in Santa Cruz was first installed, the city installed signs and painted a bike lane that directed cyclists onto the sidewalk. Our local bike advocacy group complained mightily about the danger of sending bikes onto the sidewalk, and the city got rid of those signs, eliminated the bike lane completely, and installed the BMUFL sign.

RANTWICK said...

Yokota - Those moves certainly sound better than how they started out. I contacted the city and they replaced those signs with a "single file" sign including graphic that I really like.

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