Friday, April 27, 2012

Help the Creator of the Grumbear

I am a selfish person. Here's the deal: Rantwick Jr., creator of the world-famous Grumbear, is raising money for the Heart and Stroke foundation in a school-based initiative called "Jump Rope for Heart". He skips, you pay. The selfish part is that normally I would take his pledge form into work and make the rounds and try to raise some dough on his behalf. The problem is, there are so many things circulating at my work asking for cash right now that I just don't wanna be one more. So here we are, with me flogging his charity on my blog. My problems become your problems.

Selfish. Selfish because I know everybody knows somebody who has some kid raising money for some sort of crap at any given time. Ah well, my blog isn't entitled "Decent Guy With High Moral Standards Who Likes Riding Bicycles". I'll do whatever I want, including wasting your time and making you hate me by asking for money. Freedom rocks.

Nevermind the unfair nature of this plea, though. Jump Rope for Heart is a good idea. Plus, Rantwick Jr. is a real character, the kind adults want to hang out with even though he's 10:

my fine young gentleman.

I'm a bad person and will probably get in trouble with Mrs. Rantwick for that one... I confess (although to the photoshoppie among you, it is obvious) to tampering with the photo below to get the one above.

Rantwick Jr. was born with a heart featuring a minor hole between the filling chambers of the atria, or Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). We were assured that he would grow and the hole would close, and we were assured correctly. He is fine and all traces of the hole are gone. To the parents of a new baby, however, this was pretty scary stuff. When "Skip Rope For Heart" rolls around each year, I am reminded of it. Did any research back in the day make Rantwick's Jr's heart thing more understandable and treatable if necessary? Likely so.

Hearts, to the best of my knowledge, are pretty important to most of the worlds creatures, at least those that have one. One creature that has no heart is the Grumbear. He'll just lay his wool and construction paper fury on you for absolutely no reason. He don't care 'bout nuthin'. He just ANGRY.

Unless you want this badass haunting your dreams for the next month, you better click here and donate something. I'm not kidding. He'll invade your mind, I swear.

Yer Pal,

What? You didn't click Rantwick Jr's donation page link? After that baby-with-a-heart-hole story? What the hell is wrong with you?

Seriously, though, thanks to all who give something, and thanks to those who wish they could but can't. I totally get that.

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