Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy Spoke!

"The bicycle spoke may be one of the handiest non-tools ever". I am writing this post because I had that thought once again last night after using a spoke to fish things out of our bathroom sink's drain. There were cotton swabs, a toothpick and other stuff, all efficiently removed using a bicycle spoke, which saved me from having to drain and possibly take apart the trap. I have posted some less-than-appetizing pictures on this blog, but not even I would inflict a picture of what I found on my readers.

I will, however, post a picture of the mighty bicycle spoke; let it be praised with full voice!

I took this picture myself and so hold (or held) the copyright for it. In this age of rampant online image stealing I often wish for completely baggage-free images. Creative Commons designations are awesome, but I did a little research and went a little further. You can read my non-copyright statement if you view the picture full-size, but here it is for your immediate easy-reading:

Hey, wait a minute... that's an image too. Should I put my non-copyright notice on my non-copyright notice?

No "by" designation, no conditions of any kind. This is a FREE image! As in free to wander the globe and appear in any form for any reason (including commercial) with no strings of copyright holding it back, ever. Ahhhh.

Be Free,

PS - Hey, I went off on my copyright tangent and forgot to ask you to please submit any and all excellent uses you have found for bicycle spokes. I think that might actually be educational, so please comment!


none said...

I made a sponge holder for our sink at work out of two spokes and some rubber bands. Works great.

RANTWICK said...

Spokes and rubber bands... yeah baby. That's a good start.

christopheru said...

Call me wild, call me crazy, I use bicycle spokes to keep my hubs separate from my rims. Weird. But true.

RANTWICK said...

Christopheru - Well that is just plain ludicrous and frankly, uninspiring.

christopheru said...

I know, but what can you do?

Anonymous said...

I used spokes to create cages to support my tomato plants. Works way better than stakes.

RANTWICK said...

Anon who is Fanky Fank - tomato support, nice! I don't know why, but your comments were being marked as spam; don't know why. Hopefully things go more smoothly next time.

John said...

I used one to make a helmet mounted rear-view mirror. But could not get used to focusing on it and the road ahead so I abandoned the idea.

RANTWICK said...

John - Yep, bendy uses are everywhere... I had the same experience with helmet mount mirrors too.

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