Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UWO vs. Fanshawe College vs. TSGTA: Higher Education in London Ontario

Last Saturday was the "perfect storm" for drinking and mayhem here in London Ontario. As most of you will already know St. Paddy's fell on a Saturday this year. Here in London, that Saturday coincided with summer-like weather despite the fact that it was mid-March. (Not quite the ides of March, but close. Hmmm.) Anyway, things got nasty in a subdivision adjacent to Fanshawe College when drunken revellers went psycho and had a good old fashioned riot:

The first footage was taken by the CTV cameraman who lost his vehicle to the mob. The second video was from a self-described "bystander". Despite how bad it looked, by some miracle no one was seriously injured or killed. Depending on where you're from, throwing stuff at cops and lighting other people's cars on fire might seem kind of normal. Not in London Ontario, believe me. This was a real shock to a lot of local people.

The water cooler talk has been partly about what kind of idiots are going to our post-secondary (read: after high school) institutions in this town. To be fair, many people I've talked to said there were as many high school students as Fanshawe students in that messed up scene, and I believe it.

Anyway, this event got me thinking about where the young Rantwicks might go after high school. Ideally I would like them to stay here in London, for both separation anxiety (mine) and financial reasons. Fanshawe representatives and students alike are dismayed at the black eye this kind of disgusting nonsense may give the school. London also boasts the University of Western Ontario, though, so we're all good, right?

Just when I was starting to think all hope was lost, I walked snow face after dinner tonight and was presented with a new ray of hope in these dark educational times, about five minutes walk from our front door! The path to this august institution screams action and intrigue:

And for good reason!

Whew. If my kids are going to face explosions and violence anyway, they might as well do it in an official government-funded capacity. Young female Rantwick won't have a problem with admission. I don't know what their policies on males are though, so I'm encouraging Rantwick Jr. to grow his hair just in case.

If you are a local and were hoping I might opine about these events in a meaningful way, my apologies, but there are so many smarter people than me doing it that I don't really see the point. It is what it is and time heals all wounds and a bird in my hand might get hurt so I'll just let it go.

Yer Pal,

PS - To the owners of TSGTA: I don't know if you're running a daycare or are simply the coolest parents ever, but I am impressed. I love seeing creative people having some fun, especially for the benefit of some very lucky kids.

PPS, Mar 21 - I am sad to report that TSGTA has closed its doors. I'm guessing it was brought down by a double agent or mole of some kind. Still, I'm happy I got to see it.


limom said...

Keith Haring lives!

RANTWICK said...

limom - Had to look him up. You may be right!

Kelly @ City Mom said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing it! You're right that it wasn't just 'college' aged kids. And you're right that this is not normal for us in London. I think it's hit us hard because it's such a small percentage of Londoners that took part and most weren't even from London.

We are not this event. But temporarily it looks like we are :(

RANTWICK said...

Thanks Kelly. As upset as many Londoners are, thankfully these kind of events fade pretty quickly for most people, thank goodness.

Fanky Fank said...

I must admit to experiencing a brief shiver of Schadenfreude after reading of the London riots.

I live in a place that is regularly referred to as "the murder capital of Canada" or, (equally distasteful) "Murderpeg."
I am man enough to admit to a brief shiver of Schadenfreude over the London fiasco.

Let us not be defined by our worst. Our best, if vocal enough, can make a difference.

Here endeth the lesson.

RANTWICK said...

Fanky Fank! Long time no comment! Nice to see you here again. I took care of that double comment situation.

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