Friday, January 13, 2012


Deepest apologies, all you SARATS entrants. I have not had an opportunity to get out and collect votes on your trees yet. Frustrating, stupid busy life. Wait, scratch that. My life is pretty awesome. I live in the best country on the planet in a state of outlandish excess and luxury by most of the globe's standards, my kids are great and my marriage rolls on as happily as ever. Stupid blog, making me feel guilty for having a good life... anyway, I intend to knock out a slideshow tonight and collect some votes over the weekend. Wish me luck, as I wish you luck in the contest.

I am also frustrated that in a nearly snowless winter thus far, I left my bike at work last night and drove to my daughter's basketball game (we won and she was great). It snowed 2-3 inches overnight, a perfect amount for getting back into snow riding, and my bike was stranded at work. Frustrating. Ah well. As the preceding paragraph demonstrates, if this is the worst of my problems, I am a very lucky man.

I also had a frustrating FedEx experience over the past couple of days. Perhaps this is the real root of my title choice. I don't know, but I do know I feel much better having written this. I also know that because you care deeply about how I'm doing, you are relieved rather than resentful at having read three paragraphs of nothing but self-absorbed whining and boasting. You are not frustrated at the ways in which I waste your time, because you, dear reader, are awesome too. If that seems like shameless sucking up after a content devoid non-post, that's because it is. It's true though. You rock. I'll be back with something better soon I hope.

Yer Pal,


GreenComotion said...

Hi Patrick,
One thing I am disgusted with is the state of the USPS and the cost of mailing in general!

Hope you get some snow, soon :)

Paz :)

Steve A said...

That busy life is why you Canadians are rich beyond belief, while we in the USA are a poor, but proud people.

Sent from the Montreal Aeroport, home of one of the only two Starbucks stores I have seen around Montreal. Timmy is at the airport fence, looking in.

RANTWICK said...

Chandra - We're getting it as I write this. You have eerie powers.

Steve - We've got several starbucks here in London... they are also in most Chapters book stores. Timmy will cut a hole in that fence, I know it.

Steve A said...

Rantwick, my flight out of Souviens-land has gotten delayed by the snow, Trudeau has free wifi, and the iPad battery is at 86%. I feel more comments on blogs coming on...


Steve A said...

Battery down to 66% as flight is delayed another hour. Maybe it's time to look at email and wonder what will happen in Chicago. Perhaps it is time to spend that $5 Canadian bill on Starbucks since my terminal is a tiny piece of the USA within Montreal so Timmy is not allowed. OTOH, I'm getting suspicious that this weather delay is another Canadian scheme to make rich Canadians even richer as we poor American travellers spend our last Loonies in a forlorn hope of avoiding starvation. Which might take a while in my case.

RANTWICK said...

Dear poor American Traveler,

So, you figured out our little weather conspiracy huh? Now you really must die of starvation. Sorry.

Yer Pals,

The Obscenely Rich Canadians

Steve A said...

Dear Wealthy Canadian,
On the CBC this morning, I learned that the Canadian Dollar will soon be literally strong as steel. Sounds like there will be a strong vending machine business to accommodate the "Steely." I also learned that Timmy passed RIM for the biggest. Now taxiing around Chicago. It even looks shabby down here!

RANTWICK said...

wah? huh? geez, now I have to go figure out what you heard.

Steve A said...

RANTWICK said...

Way ahead of you dude. Thanks, though.

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