Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh Crap, I Did it Again.

As some have noted in the past, if I ever post something saying I won't be around for a while, you can count on something in the next few days. Well, it has happened again.

In this case it is because happy coincidence allowed me an opportunity to collect some SARATS video votes at Masonville Place (Mall) here in London Ontario! I'll probably just keep collecting them until I feel there is a clear winner. Here's round one:

Hastily assembling that video and posting this is all I've really got time for... be well, ride bikes, stay leafy.

Yer Pal,


Steve A said...

I imagine that the "Tabernacle Tree" will catch up when you visit a mall in Ogden to poll people. Regardless, I was encouraged by your video because it illustrates that people mainly stay nice, even after they become multi-millionaires.

Speaking of which, I had Canadian visitors this week. They picked a restaurant that cost 10X per person as the restaurant I picked when I was in Montreal. Of course, free wifi did play a role in my choice.

Kenny said...

How cool would it have been to hear a Canadian shopper say "Kenny?"

I'll never know.

Next year I'll find a tree with actual leaves and bright colors on it!

RANTWICK said...

Never say never, Kenny. If you want I'll get somebody to just say "Kenny" even if it isn't their vote... let me know.

Vegas said...

Ah! Yeah, we're gettin killed out there, Kenny! But since in good conscience I can't even vote for myself (I have to go with Darin) I don't feel that bad.

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