Monday, October 24, 2011

Trees. Oh How they Rock.

I am pleased to report that I have received two more SARATS entries! First, Cor from Life in 360 sent one with the following comment in his email:

I never thought I would enter a tree but I couldn't help but snap this one.  Ottawa River Parkway on a dark but bright stormy afternoon. 

Then Carolyn of Carolyn's Flight of Fancy sent me this one. From her email:

Well, as it's getting cold and the weather is changing (I swear that Winter is on it's way as it tried snowing the other day), I'll submit the photo of the tree by Nechako River on the Heritage Trail in Prince George [British Columbia].  I love biking that trail, it's my favourite in the area.  Lots of people use it daily. The trail follows both the Nechako and Fraser Rivers.  It's one of those awesome things about Prince George.

Things are shaping up nicely, don't you think?


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anniebikes said...

These are gorgeous photos and sets the bar high for anyone else entering your contest. We are in full blown foliage right now, so I'm hoping for a shot that will equal any of these.

Hurray to the awesome photogrpahers out there.

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