Monday, September 19, 2011

Leave Your Car at Work Day

I'll bet you didn't know that Sunday September 18 was International Leave-Your-Car-At-Work-You-Stupid-Fool day!

The Rantwick family got a second car in June. Work has demanded that I drive during the day over the last couple of months. My cycling commute trips have plummeted. I've been feeling crummy physically and I swear my brain doesn't work as well when I don't get my alone time on the bike. I was bummed out until I had a pretty good idea, I think.

Yesterday I attached the bike rack to the car, drove it to work and left it there, riding my bike home. I intend to leave it there all the time. I will commute to and from work on the bike and use the car for work or child-related "emergencies" as needed. I notified those who might be tempted to tow a crappy car that was sitting overnight in the parking lot all the time that they shouldn't do that. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner!

Today I enjoyed an Autumn morning commute that reminded me of all I had been missing. I visited the King. I rode beside the calm river in a light rain. It was awesome. I intend to fully enjoy "Leave Your Car at Work Day" every day from now on.

Yer Pal,


tracy w said...

Way to think outside the box. Sometimes the obvious solution is there if you'll just set aside your pre-conceived notions!

Steve A said...

They don't mind you simply leaving your car at work?

RANTWICK said...

Tracy - Thanks!

Steve - I work at a 24hr. facility, so there are always at least a few cars on the lot.

They do take note of cars that sit still for too long, however, so I had to email pictures of the car to Security and Operations departments...

That done, they were cool with it.

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