Monday, May 9, 2011

Good News Bad News

The good news (for most, I hope) is that I'm not dead. The bad news (for most, I hope) is that I remain unable to find any time to post anything due to the demands of school and work and stuff.

Spring has finally arrived in some form here in London Ontario. I haven't even found time to take a nice bike ride. This sucks. I'll be back when I can swing it but for now the outlook isn't that good. With luck, I'll be back with something other than an apology. Until then, ride your bikes and read the other nice bloggers who continue to populate my sidebar with all kinds of great stuff!

I'm jonesing hard to write and respond as I've done in the past. I predict that once I'm back at it, it will be with a vengeance. Brace yourselves for more useless nonsense than you can handle when that glorious day comes.

Yer Pal,


Anonymous said...

I'm still not back to all of my quilting and painting - its going onto 3 years, though I think this summer I'll be able to finally get back to it. You can only do so much and sometimes its just easier to put things aside for a bit. See you back when you are back!

cafiend said...

I too have been pulled away from my writing and reading habits by my activities elsewhere. The down side of web publishing is that people get used to seeing fresh stuff all the time. Back in the print and paper days we would wait for our favorite authors to finish something and think no less of them if it took a while. Since I am old, I still have that patience. I feel bad for not checking in more often.

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