Monday, May 9, 2011

Bicycle Nudist

Okay, I know I just posted something saying I wouldn't be back for a bit, but a couple of beers and a little video reviewing later, here I am.

I was reviewing some video from my new video camera, the one I asked for opinions about the chest mount for. Most liked it fine. Now I dislike it, because of naked arm syndrome.

There is something creepy about my very white flesh jiggling around complete with sunlight highlit arm hair. When I see this footage, despite knowing everything about it, it feels way too personal to me, almost like I was cycling in the nude...

You know how when HD came all the news anchors and people like them were freaking out about how they may look old or made up or whatever? Back when my chest mount recorded arms were covered in a cycling jacket, I was fine. No more. I hate seeing my bare arms in the video. Up to the helmet the camera goes. No time to write more.

Yer Insecure Pal,



lifein360 said...

You just need some tattoos, or some of those arm sleeve thingies. The non-insulated ones.

Anonymous said...

it makes me think the viewer is an elephant and the arms are the tusks!!

weird, but hey, thats what it reminds me of!

Apertome said...

Very funny! What's this? A cyclist with less-than-perfectly-toned arms? Shocking! You know, you are not alone.

RicardoATB said...

I've came here through your youtube channel. I started commuting recently here in Brazil (Sao Paulo) and I'm liking a lot. I'm wishing you all the best.

RANTWICK said...

360 - Tatts? On this pristine temple? Never.

PaddyAnne - yep, thats weird.

Apertome - I would keep the arms without worry. Its this gut I'm cooncerned about.

Ricardo - Thanks for your kind wishes! Right back at you, man.

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