Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are You #%^&1n' Kiddin' Me #3

There's an ad that has been running for a while that drives me insane every time I see it. I suppose everybody wants to feel young, or at least younger. But this?

Come on! I guess I could handle some sort of other condiment, say, salsa or something, being characterized as edgy. This, however, is Miracle Whip. Saying that Miracle Whip is cooler or more hip than almost anything else on the planet, including mayo, is the stupidest idea I've seen in a long long time.

Normally I would drift off into a tangential discussion of some kind, but this ad leaves me feeling so crusty I'm just gonna leave it there. Sandwich spreads are not people, nor are they loud, or hard core. I mean, really... Are You #%^&1n' Kiddin' Me?

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PS - Always late to the party, I now realize that many others, some with actual audiences, have already made fun of these commercials. It would seem I am completely lacking in tangy zip, because I posted this anyway. Oh, one more thing: who the hell uses polaroid cameras any more? Where does she buy film? Don't all cool young people own iphones? And where are the fixies? Don't ad executives know what's hip? Man, I really am clueless.


Kevin said...

"Oh, one more thing: who the hell uses polaroid cameras any more? Where does she buy film?"

While I get the tone of the post, my partner owns two working Polaroid cameras right now, and actually went ahead and did some internal repairs on her SX-70 to get it back into working order. You can order film from a project that a bunch of old Polaroid engineers work on called the Impossible project.

It's pretty expensive though, but it's cool to see those two cammeras in working order.

lifein360 said...

I think Polaroids are making a comeback. Some digital cams now have a polaroid "look" setting.

As for the Miracle Whip. Love the stuff. And on top of that I have always considered myself more hip and cool than the average person. So I have Miracle Whip to thank for this? Wow. Good to know.

Rat Trap Press said...

I cringe every time I see those commercials. Somebody had a really bad idea.

RANTWICK said...

Kevin - I had a feeling somebody would get back to me on the polaroid thing... it is good to know there a still a source for film. I have nothing against polaroids; using one as a prop in the commercial seemed kind of odd though. I hate that commercial, therefore everything in it is annoying.

360 - Your hipness and coolness is not owed to Miracle Whip. It is owed to your (ahem) regular reading of this blog.

RTP - agreed. If an ad campaign angers enough people to get attention, is it mission accomplished for the advertiser?

cafiend said...

Wasabi mustard.

saskboy said...

Rantwick, don't ever tone it down in here.

(captcha is an amusing "decoot"

RANTWICK said...

I was feeling a little decooted a few days ago. I'm too mellow for the name Rantwick, but I've been feeling more coot-like lately for sure.


Steve A said...

The REAL question - have you joined the Miracle Whip fan page yet?


Alexwarrior said...

Ahh, she's advancing on me with the jar of miracle whip! Ahh, ahh, noooo....!

cafiend said...

Would you be that way if it was Reddi Whip?

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