Friday, April 16, 2010

Trek 520 Build - Part Two - I Strip and Get Blasted

Before I begin, if you are enough of a bike freak to want to follow my Trek 520 light-loaded tourer build from beginning to end, use the "Post Series" link near the top of the sidebar to the right. If, on the other hand you are only here for the "strip and get blasted" part, here we go:

The Trek 520 I picked up last fall looked like this:

The frame was going to need attention in the paint department, which meant it was time to strip. I mean, like, take it all off! WooHoo!

Before I did that, I took closeup photos of all the parts I thought I might have trouble reassembling. Then I put everything I meant to keep in little plastic bags. They eventually went into a larger bag.

Bars, stem and crankset will be replaced. Anyway, I and the 520 stayed in the bag for 6 months. Everything just sat in my tool room until this week. The paint and decals on the frame were in pretty bad shape. I have stripped a frame using a combination of chemicals and wire brushes on a hand drill. It was a lot of work and yielded acceptable but less than perfect results. I wasn't going to screw around this time. Given the situation, I knew in my heart that it was time to get blasted, which I proceeded to do a couple of days ago. I picked up the frame just yesterday:

As you can see, all that messy stuff was cleaned right up. Finally clean, me and my Trek 520 are ready for the next steps. We will try not to get all freaked out on powder...

Build $ Tally:

Used Frame + some parts I will re-use: $80.00

Used Wheelset: $100.00

Blasting of frame: $50.00

TOTAL to date: $230.00

PS - I'm going on trains and planes for a few days. Be good while I'm gone, and maybe I'll bring you something back from my trip late next week.


Steve A said...

A FEW of us have been eagerly awaiting THIS installment for longer than is decent. Now we need to see what you do with that beautiful frame.

RANTWICK said...

Hey, I warned you in Part One that it may be months between posts.

It is beautiful in its raw form, isn't it?

Rat Trap Press said...

Things come up and projects have to wait. My wife's mixte sat dormant for about a year before I finally got around to building it up.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Good luck.

RANTWICK said...

RTP - They can sit alright. If I remain true to form, though, things should move along alot faster now... I'm back into obsessed mode.

Fanky Fank said...

You people are deeply troubled, but I mean that in a good way.

Make sure you powder-coat that thing before taking it out on the road. It does look awful purdy all clean like that.

Travel safely, bra.

Marrock said...

I'm glad my Moto just needs some polishing and paint touch-up.

But stripping it down and building it back up would be damn satisfying... I just can't afford it any time soon.

YATE said...

I had no idea that blasting was so affordable. Where did you get it done?

RANTWICK said...

Fanky Fank - I know. On both counts.

Marrock - From scratch like this does feel good... but you're right, it ain't gonna be cheap.

YATE - I asked the people at H&G powder painting if they could recommend blasters who would know how to treat a bike frame (as in with taking proper care with those tubes) and they told me to call NASCO.

RANTWICK said...

YATE - Just followed your profile link... NASCO is a small London business. I'm sure there are similar shops in Montreal.

cafiend said...

It's nice to remanufacture something like that.

Most people get blasted before they strip.

God, you're organized with all the little bags. I just chuck things in a box and root around for them later.

Keep up the good work!

Doohickie said...

You'll have fun building the bike. We'll have fun watching.

And you speak the truth about projects taking a while, RTP. I have a beautiful wheel set I'll be building a bike around just laying around the garage. I've got a practical plan in place, already have the frame, but until I get the new floor laid in the kitchen, I don't dare let the wife catch me working on another bike! ;- )


RANTWICK said...

Cafiend - I am not most people, and will Strip whenever I get the notion.

I need that level of organization, because I am easily confused at reassembly time.

Doohickie - If my previous builds are any indication, I will have tons of fun for sure. Nothing compares with the satisfaction of the first ride in which everything has been made perfect. I still sometimes just stop and gaze at my fixed gear (my first really good build) with pride and happiness. It is nice to have other people (i.e. you and the rest of these jokers) who actually understand this strange and enjoyable madness.

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