Monday, April 26, 2010

I Prefer People

As much as I've enjoyed posting winter cycling videos, I sure do welcome the warmer weather. Warmer, of course, is nicer for riding, but I find myself especially appreciative of the return of people to my videos. To demonstrate:

That nice old character wouldn't show up on one of my winter rides, let alone wave. I've seen him a few times before. He's difficult to make out in the video, but he reminds me of this guy from "UP", except he's not so grumpy:

When it comes to what my camera can see and the videos I can present, people beat snow and salt trucks every time. That said, I've not yet set up my home-made camera mount on the summer fixed gear commuter. I really should get my act together... I'm just finding it hard lately.

Thanks for coming out, People!



Apertome said...

Haha, nice comparison ... I enjoy winter riding too, but I am loving warmer weather. This was a tough winter and somehow riding on those sunny warm days is even sweeter having ridden through the winter.

Marrock said...

I like people sometimes...

It usually depends on how they're cooked, though.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't your two seasons be winter and construction?

Avoid those dump trucks in Old South. Emery is getting pretty brutal in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Video quality much better without all the junk on the camera too!

Of course the first thing I thought after viewing your video was, "Ah! He stops on his right foot!"

RANTWICK said...

Apertome - Thanks man. I agree about the sweetness... it is so nice after winter slogging.

Marrock - I love you, man. Please don't cook and eat me.

Anon - Perhaps, perhaps. I live right near Emery so I know the dump trucks and dust very well.

Lizzylou - yeah, I chose that winter video partly for how crummy it was... I usually think to brush some snow away. Right foot stopper every time. Is there any other way?

Rollz said...

I see that fellow all the time. Curse you for making me call him the up guy now. ;-)

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