Friday, March 12, 2010

Hey, Thanks! Now Do More.

Check out the donation meter at People who have used my donate button and other donation buttons sprinkled around the web have raised just over two grand for ChipSeal's legal costs. I just wanted to thank everybody who clicked from here, and ask everybody else to do the same, because the way things are going there is every chance that the target of 5K may not be enough.

If you want the donate button code for your web site, shoot me an email.

I also wanted to re-ask everybody to keep talking, emailing and generally circulating the news of what's going on in Ennis and the county of Ellis in Texas. I mean, multiple trips to jail for riding in the lane? Huh? If this dude was some local rich guy you can bet he wouldn't be getting hauled in by the cops for riding on the road. Tell your friends. And strangers. And web geeks like me. And politicians. You get the idea.

Speaking of how things are going, was created by people who care about ChipSeal and cycling in Texas as a central place for news and information. Check it out if you get a second, link to it yourself in emails and web pages, all that good stuff.

I'll be off my soap box and on something else next time, I promise.



fred_dot_u said...

I like the thermometer on the site. I've made my contribution, very close to the day it was announced and it's great to see how well things are going in that respect.

I'm using an RSS feed reader for most of the cycling sites, but the link for the meter does not have an RSS feed. Is that something easily addressed?

RANTWICK said...

fred: thanks for donating and commenting.

People can use to get the updates on let-him-ride... does that help?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard this:

Anonymous said...

Lance's response:

RANTWICK said...

Anon - I hadn't heard it, thanks for the links. Some blowhard seems to get all worked up like this every few months, then eats crow. Same old, I;m afraid.

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