Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation

When I was writing about local London bike shops and stand-offish sales people, I went looking for some funny online material that I could include in the post. One thing I found was an "article" on a "blog" about "How to Silence Rude High-End Salespeople". The title sounded good, but the article wasn't, in my opinion, so I left a comment saying so. Now, to be honest, I had consumed a few beers at the time, so I was over-reacting a little and being a little more dramatic in my commentary than I might normally be, but I certainly wasn't rude or profane in any way:

OK, let's see...

#1 - Do not even enter the store unless you are ready to buy, and know precisely what you want. Do not shop like rich people by just walking in and looking around.

#2 - Make an appointment with a personal shopper, but you had better be 100% ready to buy... changing your mind is not allowed, because you are poor and have no right to waste their time.

#3 - You must spend money to spend money, and so make yourself into a desperate poser.

This post is disgusting to me. (that's the over-the-top beer-fuelled part, in case you were wondering)

Yer Pal,


As you can see in the picture, I was presented with a "Your comment is awaiting moderation" version of my comment. Well, go and figure, my comment never made it past the "moderation" part of the beauty contest. It would seem that criticism has no place on a web site aimed at the Modern Southern Belle. I had a feeling that might happen at the time, which is why I noted the URL and took a screen shot of my comment, and waited a few days to see if my comment would make it through. I figured if they wouldn't allow my post there, I would allow it here, on RANTWICK.

Done! Thanks for Reading,


P.S. - Does anybody out there know if there are such things as comment-bots that people can send to their own blogs? The comments that did make it seem kind of generic and fake to me. Check it out at

The Blog That Made Me Mad


ChipSeal said...

What a ***** and ***** for **** ******* ***** ** **** is!

How could a ****** ****** *** and ***** ***?

I dare you to post that you big *******!

ChipSeal said...


Dear Rentwick readers, my post up there has been published exactly as I wrote it. I put the "*" in the post.

It was meant as a joke, but I don't want to slander the reputation of Rantwick, whom I admire.

To my knowledge, Rentwick has not censored any post or comment.

RANTWICK said...

Hey ChipSeal,

Welcome back! Your joke comment (nice, by the way) does raise the question for me about what I would censor... I don't have the capability on blogger to **** words like you did, and I don't screen comments before they are allowed up.

The short version, for future reference, is that I will delete a post if it contains what I consider really bad language, but I would never ever delete a post for disagreeing with or even hating me. I want everybody to express themselves fully, but also keep the discussion suitable for younger readers. I have not deleted any comment so far, and really hope I never have to. Last, I would also delete any "spam" comments that have nothing to with this blog or its readers.

joco said...

"Does this alarming trend mean that I am (shudder) somewhat hip?"

Part of your comment on another blog.
and the answer is......
a. hip
b. unhip
c. somewhat hip
d. Dutch (which could mean....
c.somewhat hip
Never knew that is what **'s are for.

Sorry, it is raining over here and my rollers are jammed.

Feel free to delete, rewrite, tear up or ignore.

RANTWICK said...

Hey there, "." Thanks for dropping by! The answer is C? Ah well, I'll find more ways to nerd it up, I guess.

A nice set of full fenders could be good for that rain/roller problem of yours...

ChipSeal said...

Ah, yes. All comment content is welcome, as long as it is not expressed in a profane way. I too have not had to reject any comments, but the above is my standard. I suppose if a comment deserved rejection, I would attempt to contact the poster and request a re-write.

I have a wet weather bike with fenders. When fenders are needed, nothing else will do!

MJ Klein said...

Rantwick, the first question that came to mind was "why were you reading that POS blog in the first place?"

RANTWICK said...

Hey, can I help it if after a few beers I start to feel like a "Modern Southern Belle"?

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