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Friday, March 9, 2012


I haven't done any dirt trail riding in 20 years. That is strange, because when I was younger I really loved it, getting muddy, wiping out sometimes... the challenges are exhilarating. When I returned to cycling several years ago, it was as an on-road and paved path commuter guy, and that remains true to this day. I think I may be saving wild times in the bush for my mid-life crisis or something. So, the title of this post is a little misleading. Here's what I meant:

Sorry I felt compelled to use Pachelbel's Canon again... I just love that freakin' piece. Please have an excellent weekend. I hope a couple of those little things that make you happy crop up.

Yer Pal,

PS - Speaking of things that make me happy, there's also this:


Darin said...

After your last video, I spent the entire time during this one waiting for the fall. Congratulations on staying upright. Well done!

RANTWICK said...

It was indeed a proud day.

Trevor said...

Both of these videos make me happy too.....Thanks.


rlove2bike said...

Many times I find myself leaving tracks even when it's not necessary. I enjoy it!!

I also enjoyed the videos. They were great.

Thanks for the post!

Big Oak said...

Very nice! The first video, I mean.

I sometimes wish I had badass lamb hops like the guy in the second video. That's how I feel sometimes when I'm on my bike!

Big Oak said...

Lamb chops

RANTWICK said...

Big Oak - I want a video of you doing lamb hops. I mean it.

jeff said...

Both videos made me smile, the MFB video almost made me wet myself just a little. Ditto on the lamb hops Big Oak.

lifein360 said...

That was awesome. Make my morning. BTW, how long is that path?

RANTWICK said...

Thanks Jeff, 360...

The length of path question is hard to answer. It is a MUP that runs parallel to the Thames river. With connecting bits of street, it is probably 20+ km long. I've never mapped the whole thing.

The stretch I rode on this commute is about 4 km.

Chandra said...

Both are enjoyable videos. I liked the music in the first one very much and the second one made me smile. Smiling is good for me, so thanks!

Paz :)

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