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Friday, September 24, 2010

Commuting by Bicycle: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Yesterday was an interesting commuting day. Here's a video that sums it up:

Yer Pal,


Steve A said...

Red Jeep guy seemed pretty mellow after that initial comment. Maybe he was really yelling at the coach driver and Rantwick mistook the sentiment.

RANTWICK said...

I thought that maybe Red Jeep guy could see the bus coming and was concerned... who knows?

John Romeo Alpha said...

I guess red jeep guy would prefer you be on the sidewalk riding at 20mph with those pedestrians just up ahead? What's his well-considered traffic management advise for you when you encounter them? If coach driver had one of those "how's my driving?" phone numbers it needs to be called after a pass like that.


cafiend said...

Moto-centric road users don't care how many pedestrians you mow down as long as you're out of their way. If you're on a bike you obviously don't have anywhere to be. Any inconvenience you suffer as a result of choosing to go by bike is well deserved.

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