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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Encounters with Rantwick, episode one: it would seem that I am hideous

I know I said Mondays would be my posting days, but I have been having fun trying out some new stuff on the computer, and I couldn't wait. My commitment to posting every Monday (at minimum) still stands.

In the absence of creativity, there's always amateur video. I encounter a wide variety of people and vehicles and creatures (sometimes all three combined) on my commute, and since I happen to own a mostly broken digital camera that's just right for strapping to a bicycle, I thought I would share some of these encounters with you. Who knows, if you're in London Ontario, you may end up starring in an episode of Encounters with Rantwick!

In this episode, I encounter three young people on the bike path. Seeing me coming, 2 of them begin heading to my left and 1 veers to my right, and then things get a little weird...

I wish to assure you that I did absolutely nothing to freak these girls out, just in case you're thinking I'm some sort of bike path weirdo riding around scaring people. In addition, I would also like to state for the record that I don't know who these people are.

Now, of course I know why those three really went a little crazy, but I'm rather enjoying this Quasimodo gig. I welcome you to guess what happened, and I will tell you if you are correct.

Try not to freak out too often,



Anonymous said...

Awesome Video Clip!!!!

Not sure what was up with those kids, but they looked freaked out for sure by your approach. Perhaps camera and gear were an intimidating factor?

Cycle Hard!

Rantwick said...

Hey 1:37,
Glad you liked it! My camera is just a little digital number like lots of people have, although I'm sure some people notice it.

That, however, was not the cause of the freak out...

Fanky Fank said...

I suspect that it was because you were hooded, bent over, and perhaps even grimacing. Not because of your homicidal tendencies (which I cannot discount), but because you were concentrating on RIDING.

I have found that when I walk in the park, everyone responds to my "Good morning" or "hello" in a very friendly manner. When I ride in the park, and announce my presence with an equally friendly "on your left", I am met with horrified looks. I always chalked it up to Winnipeg being a bike-unfriendly city.

Maybe it's a universal thing.

Now that I think about it, I bet that you started laughing as the mayhem commenced. That's what freaked them out.

Fanky Fank said...

On second thought, "girl on the right" appears to be about to toss a bag of dog crap. Caught in your sights, she freezes. I think, Rantwick, that you might have stopped a crime (by-law violation, actually, but still...)in progress.

Although I don't see a dog, I think I'm correct.

Nice work on the editing and the music overlay. Most appropriate.

Rantwick said...

Welcome back Fanky Fank. Some dude named Ank Anky is gonna be kinda chafed about your return.

I didn't say anything or laugh, and it was not common bike fear syndrome (it is universal).

Stopping the dog crap toss is a good guess and may even be true, but it's not the main reason for the freak out.

Fanky Fank said...

OK, one more try. (I feel like the freakin' Kennedy Commission watching the Zapruder film.) There is an external threat to them, that appears to be airborne. Girl on the right seems to be acting as if she was attacked by a bee or something. Maybe it was a low-flying bird, but I couldn't see anything like that in the video. I'm going with a swarm of biting/stinging insects.

Rantwick said...

Fanky Fank is correct! Those girls did indeed happen to walk and roll into a cloud of little flies just before I passed them. They were, however, those tiny little non-biting ones.

Fanky Fank said...

What do I win?

Rantwick said...

-- Blank stare --

mikeweb said...

Hey great blog RW(?)!. Nice job on the video and that Ortlieb bag post looks it'll make whatever I'm drinking come out of my nose.

Now I just need a free hour or 2 to read it.


Rantwick said...

Hey, thanks mikeweb! Yeah, that Ortlieb post kind of got away from me... it is a big'un. Thanks for reading, and 'RW' is cool with me...

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