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Monday, May 30, 2011

Am I Just Paranoid?

There's a Staples commercial about people being robbed and deciding they need to replace an old computer that the thieves didn't take. For some, the problem with this is that the people's priorities are kind of messed up. I find the commercial kind of funny, myself.

The thing that bugs me is the part at the end where they talk about how the nice people at staples transferred all the files from the old machine to the new one, for free! Wedding video? Check. Baby pictures? Our taxes? Check. In this age of identity theft, am I the only one who doesn't necessarily want to trust a Staples bench tech with all of my personal/financial information? Is it crazy of me to think that not every employee in such a big retail chain operates under the highest ethical and moral standards?

I am a person who really does believe that most people are good, but there isn't a chance in hell that I would just hand over an old computer to Staples or any other computer repair place without making sure there was nothing on it I didn't want to share. Of course, I am an IT guy, so that's easy for me to say because I can take care of these kinds of things myself. What about your average Joe, though? Am I just being paranoid, or should everybody think twice before being so trusting? What about you? Are you cool with trusting others with your computer stuff?

Never mind computers. Go ride yer bike!