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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When I Do Boring, People Find It Interesting.

There is a curious phenomenon that has recurred. When I stop trying to be funny or entertaining or whatever, online people like me better.

Case in point: I made a video about a speedy mail truck that I posted on Monday. At the same time, I posted a boring "tutorial" about how I guessed the vehicle speeds in that video.

The first video I thought people might enjoy has had 56 views and has received 1 "Like" at time of writing. The second video I thought only nerds would have an interest in has had 132 views and 6 "Likes". I didn't post that video here, so in theory fewer eyes should have seen it on initial posting.

Since it would seem I have no idea what people might like, I present for your amusement the second video, which includes riveting stuff including some math!

Yer Pal,

PS - I've been sick as a dog with a cold the past couple of days, so if I don't respond to a comment or whatever, it is because I'm in bed 1)sleeping 2)wishing I was sleeping 3)wishing for some merciful end to the ugly sniveling and sniffling thing that I have become. Pam!