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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Missing Movember

First, does everybody know what Movember is? Let's check:
Do you know what "Movember" is?
If you don't know what it is, follow this link to get the scoop:

I'm guessing most of my readers know what it is (although the poll will tell), either through me or Fat Cyclist or the ever-increasing exposure and general popularity of it. I haven't done it since 2009. Well, not really. I grew a moustache in 2011 I think, but did not register or raise any money. The high numbers of men I see doing it this year are making me wonder if Movember is missing out on a lot of fundraising thanks to people who jump on the bandwagon but don't do the work, like I did in 2011.
Back in 2009 when I did it, I had to explain to nearly everyone I knew what I was up to, raising money for prostate cancer research, etc, etc. These days everybody seems to know that Movember is about growing a moustache in November to raise money, but I wonder how many are really doing it (raising money)?
This November, please humour me by answering the poll below. It is anonymous. I'm just curious and I'm as "guilty" as anyone, so thanks for your honesty.
This November / Movember I Am:

I will be doing the full registration and money-raise next year, I think. That will feel good.
Yer Pal, R A N T W I C K

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hell No, Mo Won't Go!

I've come to quite like my Mo, mostly because Mrs. Rantwick does too, so I'm gonna keep it for a while. Movember is over. If you are one of those people who thought, yeah, I should donate to Rantwick (Patrick), this is your last chance. Click here to visit my Mo Donation page before it is too late! It is a completely secure donation site run by a legitimate charity, and you'll get a receipt for tax purposes you can print right away since you'll be using your credit card. I'm the team captain, but other people on the team are kicking my butt! Help me save face, please!

Here is the last Mo update picture you will see until Movember 2010.

Thanks for putting up with my Mo promotions this last month, and see you again next year!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mo Newsflash: Shaving Accident Results in Reduced Flaire

The word 'flaire' in the title is not a typo. You see, as I was shaving very hastily this morning, I accidentally lopped off a lower corner of my Mo. Corrective shaving for the sake of symmetry was then required on the other side.

click image to enlarge

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, the preceding pictures are worth approximately three thousand words! Aren't you glad I decided to go with them instead of typing up a description of what transpired? We would have been here all day!

Anyway, you know how sometimes you make a mistake and then your efforts to correct it just make things worse instead of better? So it was with my corrective shaving this morning; I lost a lot of hard-grown Mo today. If you can feel my pain, please visit my Mo donation page and help make it better, because the only thing standing between "flaire" and "failure" is "U"! Well, sort of. You know what I mean.

Please forgive my lame attempt at cleverness, and as always, thanks for reading.

Yer Pal,


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Movember - Team Fatty Canada

If you have seen this post already, scroll to the end of it for pictorial Mo updates!

I hope some other Fatty (Fat Cyclist) fan doesn't get mad at me because they were "Team Fatty" in some other event, but after reading Fatty's post about Movember and being unable to join his team, I have started Team Fatty Canada, with the blessings of Fatty himself.

So, all you Canucks, if you were in the same boat as me, you can join Team Fatty Canada and start raising money for men's health. In registering for this event I was forced to part with my REAL NAME, since I didn't want to gum up something charitable by using an alias. If you visit my donation page just to get a peek at my full name, please be cool and at least donate something so I feel like it was worth it.

Here's a quick rundown of the whole thing:

So, visit my donation page and support Men's health in Canada. If you are Canadian, join Team Fatty Canada and start growing your Mo and collecting donations yourself! I didn't shave this morning, so I've got one day of feeble growth as a start.

Mrs. Rantwick is going to Love and Hate this...


Mo development log follows...

Definitely not "me"... but that's the point!

Hmmm. Not sure about this.

Greys in the Mo. Ah well, fewer than up top, anyway.