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Monday, April 2, 2012

SARATS - Last Post

Well, JAT's maple syrup has finally been produced and is ready for shipping, hopefully today. I had placed a pre-order for his bottle, and when Jakeman's called me and I went to pick it up, I asked the lady working there why Extra Light was so hard to find.

I thought it was only a difference in processing of the sap... I was wrong. Apparently in order to make Extra Light the temperatures had to be cold enough (which hasn't happened much this Spring) and the lines (tubes down which the sap flows) had to be clean, as in free of heavier sap that may have run previously in warmer temps. In any case, Jakeman's came through for me:

When I was a kid I used to buy books for my brothers for Christmas and read them first, being super careful not to crack the paperback spine. If I could have snuck a teaspoon of JAT's syrup without cracking the cap ring thing, I probably would have. What can I say, I am morally bankrupt when it comes to gift (or prize) giving. Still, some say say the best gift is often something you want to keep for yourself...

I stuck it in the window so you could see how light in colour it is. This ain't no run of the maple maple syrup. Because I know everyone is fascinated by maple syrup and the differences between its various grades, I thought I would include this:

There are 5 different grades of maple syrup.

•Canada # 1 Extra Light maple syrup (sometimes known as AA)

•Canada # 1 Light maple syrup (A)

•Canada # 1 Medium maple syrup (B)

•Canada # 2 Amber maple syrup (C)

•Canada # 3 Dark maple syrup ( D)

The very finest of maple syrup, # 1 Extra light, is very light in colour subtle in flavour and delicate in taste and most often used to make maple syrup sugar candy as it can be concentrated and still maintain the light taste and colour. The # 1 Light is most often used in our Italian glass bottles to capture the rich gold colour while remaining translucent on the shelf. # 1 Medium is the most preferred table grade, with a distinct maple taste, great with your morning cereal, baste pork or poultry, ice cream, pancakes, fruit, yogurt, toast, waffles, tea, coffee or your favorite liquor. # 2 Amber is preferred for cooking, food flavouring and places you wish to impart lots of maple taste. # 3 Dark is restricted for use in commercial flavourings where the heavy bitter taste goes a long way.

I've boxed up the prize:

Please don't interpret that photo as some sort of environmental or other type of Cisco bashing... I use Cisco gear for lots of things at my work and I therefore happened to have this great box for syrup shipping. Now all I have to do is affix 43 stamps in a fun random pattern all over the box (maybe I can make more trees!) and I'm sure it will find him. I mean, everybody knows JAT, right? 

Yer Pal,

PS - I am something of a cynic, and when I look at this post critically I fear people could think I have some sort of sordid sappy monetary relationship with Jakeman's (or Cisco). Please rest assured neither of these corporate titans know what I'm up to, and I have not received (nor will I receive) one thin dime from either one of them.