Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sewer Hole!

Obviously I have not been writing much. That is bad. I have, however, been riding my Fat bike to work and back most days, which is good! Very good, really. They may not be for everyone, but for post-stroke me this well-equipped fat bike is perfect. People ask me if it is slow. The answer is yes, but not as slow as one might think. If I were more fit, it would be even faster. But speed is not the thing when I'm on this rig. I go from ice to hardpack to mud to powder to shortbread snow making almost no adjustments as I go. This thing just rolls over it without reacting much at all... it is weird and wonderful.

It is wonderful enough that it induced me to stray from the path the other day, with hilarious (at least I think) results. So, without further adieu, I present for your viewing pleasure, "Sewer Hole"!

Yer Pal,


TrevorW�� said...

I felt your pain....... Hope that pain didn't last too long.

RANTWICK said...

Hey thanks man! It wasn't too bad, sore ribs for about a week. My wife laughs so hard at the video that I think it was worth it.

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