Saturday, June 16, 2018

Axiom Fatliner Rack vs. Future Fenders

I've been a fan of Axiom racks for a long time. While they're not high end rack bling, they are well made quality racks rated for lots of weight at half the price. In addition, I've always liked their mounting system, which uses nifty mount points with nice looking rods rather than those flat attachment things.

I'm also a fan of full fenders. On my new Fat Bike, I will have both. The thing is, the Axiom Fatliner rack I've bought and really like would interfere with the future fenders, which are on their way.

This isn't my bike, but here's how an Axiom Fatliner would normally be installed. As you can see, there would likely be a problem mounting fenders to the seatstay bridge; the rods get too close to the tire.

To future-proof for my bike's fenders, I sacrificed a little bit of deck space (my panniers will be carrying all I need usually anyway) and moved the mounting post anchor things up top.

TaDa! Future Fender Funkily Facilitated!

On a related note, I used the rear quick release skewer as the lower mounting point, leaving the frame mounting points for fender stays. This suited me extra fine because this method got the rack as low as possible.

I have yet to see if the fenders I've ordered will go on easily or present me with problems. Stay tuned, dear reader, god knows I will feel the need to bore you with that next. 

Yer Pal,

PS - I have received nothing from Axiom or anyone else for this blog post. I just like Axiom racks.

PPS - A comment from Mighk made me want to add this picture of hardware that came with that I didn't use:


Mighk said...

On some bikes (especially small frames with deeply sloping top tubes) I've used the seat post clamp for the top attachment. Perhaps that could work here?

RANTWICK said...

Mighk! So nice to hear from you! I am sure that could work here as well. In addition, Axiom also provides a different attachment piece (see PS above). You can't tell from the picture, but that flat metal part is BEEFY.

All that said, I kind of like my slightly odd solution; those rods and swivelly anchor things just make me happy, as does using the braze-ons provided.

cafiend said...

You can even get a seat collar with an extra set of threaded attachment points. Problem Solvers, I think.

Steve A said...

To their credit, Axiom no longer sells their “carbon” rack...

RANTWICK said...

Wha? "Carbon" rack? Please tell me it was a naming stupidness only and not an actual carbon RACK! Please!

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