Monday, January 23, 2017

Dead-Eyed Santa Contest WINNER!

I threw a party and nobody came. Here's the single entry and, by extension, winner of my contest!

The good news is that this particular entry was a "winner" regardless; I have little doubt that it would have been in contention among lots of entries. Thank you John!

Just goes to show, though, that if you stop writing for your blog, people stop reading it! Go and figure. With the seemingly ever-increasing number of bloggers I like either slowing dramatically like me or stopping altogether, perhaps I should make a renewed effort to post more... there would be less competition!

Lastly, and vis-a-vis nothing at all, please enjoy this picture of my TV screen that I took on the day of the women's march in Washington. So direct... so mean... so pure. 

I must confess I've been saying this to Mrs. Rantwick, most often with no reason at all. She laughs and laughs. Thank-you, newly-minted President Trump!

Yer Pal,


John said...

Thank you for the having the contest. And you know where to send my winnings. I also appreciate the sputtering start and stops of your blog posts even if they are irregular, we seem to have a similar outlook on things < that's a little scary>. So in closing I must say, the Rusians had nothing to do with my victory and those are the alternative facts and I'm sticking to them. Yer pal =)

cafiend said...

Always a pleasure to see your posts.

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