Monday, September 7, 2015

A Lawnmower, Man...

Hello Hello! I am pleased to say that great things are underway in my small life; things like learning to cut mosaic tiles with a wet saw (which is freakin' awesome, btw) and, um, well that's it.

I continue to ride my bike a lot, which of course is FANTASTIC. My province (Ontario) also recently put into effect a 1m (3ft) passing law, which is, while good spirited, MEANINGLESS. The guidelines include the most excellent and vague-ifying phrase "where possible"! I'm over the moon that the general public now have new laws to vaguely suggest what the police might but probably will not enforce regarding cyclists on our roadways. Whew! It's about time!

Enough with my negativity and sarcasm though, because there are (as always, if you look) myriad reasons to be joyful, like, people who just make ya think:

I, of course, have already come to a conclusion about what was happening there. Since Mrs. Rantwick concurs, I am pretty well certain all has been explained. For us. Your theory may be way better (more entertaining), if less intelligent. Unless of course you've come to the same conclusion as we have, in which case we're just engaged in a self-congratulatory-circle-jerk, aren't we? How sad! Perhaps we should just ride our bikes and forget this post ever happened. Yes, I think, as always in cases of cycling ruminations, repression is the best course of action. Adieu, dear reader, adieu! 

Yer Pal,


Unknown said...

Hmmm, two bikes, two people and one lawnmower. The stole it, rode to the park with it and wanted to see if their loot actually worked. Also, why are there no leaves on the trees in September? They're wearing jackets too! It autumn that early up there?

John said...

It's his mother and as punishment for not putting the trash to the curb she is gonna make him mow the entire field while she sits on the bench and knits him a new pair of mittens. LOL =)

RANTWICK said...

Red - That video was from the early spring... that's just how fast I work.
John - nice. mittens, love it

Is Not It Obvious? said...

Grass is evil. It needs to be kept closely cut and taught a lesson, otherwise it will just keep growing and take over the park, then the city, then the country. It would take over the world after that but who cares. No one is keeping the grass in the park properly cut so it is up to courageous vigilant diligent citizens to keep us all safe from the menaces that is un-checked grass growth.

Skyers said...

Stealing the gas, from the Mower they stole...prob had a campsite near to that spot, or maybe mouthwash??

GreenComotion said...

Not sure - where is the scientist? Or, was it the older lady who was the scientist?
Did you see the movie? :)
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

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