Friday, October 3, 2014

Things People Say Fridays #14: Hey, I'm A Star!

It has been almost a whole year since I posted one of these... I like this guy! He made me feel, for one fleeting moment, like people all over the world watch my videos. The truth is, I'm lucky if you watch my video, and that's with it being ready to go right here:

Did you play it? Oh God, please tell me you played it. I don't want to let this guy down... please take the video's request seriously and help me make him a STAR, even though he was joking! Please share this video as aggressively as you can, on every social media platform you know how to use.

How cool would it be for this guy to discover he's the star of a video that has gotten, like, a bazillion views? This was recorded back in April of this year (2014). He won't know what hit him!

Yer Fellow Star Maker,

PS - If you're thinking, "huh, maybe I'll do that later", DO IT NOW instead! You'll forget, you know you will, leaving me bummed out that my idea never got any traction. You don't want that for me, do you? Jeez, I hope not.


cafiend said...

Facebook and Twitter, done.

RANTWICK said...

Cafiend, you da man. tks

John said...

You'll have to bring back the funny interviews. =)

RANTWICK said...

John - You know, I meant to do more, it was really fun. Requires creativity though and that seems to kind of come and go. I'll see what I can do!

Steve A said...

What are Facebook and Twitter?

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