Sunday, June 9, 2013

And to my Right...

People look at the camera on top of my head and have varying reactions, a few of which are captured in this post.

There's the "Camera! Woot woot, camera, look at me!" types:

There's the "huh, that's cool" or perhaps benevolent "hey look at that weirdo" types:

But my favourites are the somewhat perplexed types. Is that a light? A camera? Wah?

The lady pictured above had a big perplexed smile on her face that was clearer than the photo shows, and her head did the classic cock-to-one-side thing as I got closer, like this:

OK, maybe her head didn't fall off. Or maybe, just maybe, it did! It was still tilting when I passed her and then she was out of visual range. I didn't hear anything on the news about a mysteriously headless woman or anything, but you never know! Hey lady, if you're reading this, yep, it was a camera. Hope yer head stayed on.

Remember, a stranger is a just a friend you haven't met! Or a totally dangerous psycho. One of those. I'm gonna stick all three of these strangers in the friend category, 'cause I am an optimist who believes most people are good. Or dangerous psychos.


Come back soon, ya psycho!

PS - It's nothing personal. I assume all who come to this site and read to the end of any post is a psycho. But not dangerous. I hope. Signing off from my easily found home in Austin, Texas (just look for the 30' turkey statue in the centre of my front yard fountain), be good 'till next time. 


Steve A said...

Welcome to Texas. Now I'm leaving.

RANTWICK said...

Sorry man, there goes the neighbourhood!

Pondero said...

Made me laugh.

I didn't realize Austin had so much snow this last winter.

RANTWICK said...

Thanks Pondero!

rlove2bike said...

No fingers? Middle fingers that is. I am amazed at how many people when getting their picture taken flip the bird. I have nothing against the bird, but really? Maybe you have to know the person to flip the bird...or maybe it's just me. hehehe

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