Thursday, December 1, 2011

Please Pardon My Absence: I Was Busy Preparing to Fail

I have been very stressed out and busy preparing for an Exam that I wrote yesterday. I bombed. Like really bombed. I will be extraordinarily lucky if I get the 60% required to pass. The crummy part is, I studied harder than I ever have for just about anything. I prepared  a wide variety of answers for the essay questions that may come. None of the questions I prepared for were on the test. NONE. I am totally sad and upset now, because I have never failed at something I actually put reasonable effort into. There are options for failures like me to re-do the exam, thank God, but man, will that ever suck.

Hey, what if the marker of my exam happens to be a Rantwick reader?  I mean, at least a couple dozen people in my great province read this blog... Hey, remote Exam marker person: You rock. Like, really. Please mark my exam like somebody really nice and/or stupid would rather than how I would or how you normally would. Thanks! 

Ah, well. What's done is done and all I can do is await my fate. I was provided with a study package that may have well as been one page that read "study everything"... but at least it had its lighter moments in the final point of the "exam tip ands tricks" section:

That's all for now, because I really am kinda whipped from 3 days of rather intensive, perfectly useless study on top of work. You should know, though, that I currently have 3 more SARATS entries to tell you about! Leaves! Trees! Salt Lake City, Utah! San Juan Capistrano, California! Unknown location! Aren't you just busting with anticipation? I'm not, because I've seen them. But they're coming to this space soon, I promise. I'm thinking Monday, but maybe sooner... I dunno.

Yer Pal, R A N T W I C K


Kokorozashi said...

Ugh, it sucks when you study your brains out, only to realize that nothing you studied has somehow made it into the exam.

Here's hoping you will magically do better than you expect to (this has happened to me a couple times this semester!) and won't have to retake the exam!

Steve A said...

Sounds like my professional engineer exam. The good news is it eventually got over. The bad news is I acquired the worst headache I ever had in my entire life and that went away as I left the exam. Maybe you'll get lucky like me and pass.

drummergeek said...

I think I can relate to how you might feel. (terrible)

I failed a computer networking certification the first time after 2 semesters learning the stuff in school + an extra six months of study. (1 hour/day) I was mad and devastated and said "I'm never going to take that again. What a freakin' waste of time!" I was also out $250 needed dollars.

I ended up studying for another 6 months and took it again and passed.

I really hope you pass, but if you don't, then just experiencing the test the first time will help you a lot in your prep for next time.

You can do it man!

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